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Super Selling Tips Everyone Can Use

Magazine article Work & Family Life

Super Selling Tips Everyone Can Use

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Whether it's persuading a client to buy a service, asking the boss for a raise, convincing fellow team members to adopt a new idea or making a formal presentation at a meeting, we all do a certain amount of selling in our jobs.

We may not like to use the word "selling." We may prefer to say that we're persuading, influencing, promoting, presenting or even lobbying. Whatever words we use, the reality is that we can all learn some of the strategies of super salespeople and adapt them to our own situation.

* Talk less. People think of selling as being mostly talking, but good salespeople know that's not true. Listening is more important. Pay close attention to the words and phrases that the people whom you are trying to persuade are using. They will give you important clues about what's going on in their mind and how to proceed.

* Know your audience. Salespeople call it "finding the hot button" and it simply means that you've met with the people you are going to be dealing with ahead of time, raised some issues, watched their reactions carefully and identified their particular areas of interest or concern.

* Do your homework. Take the temperature of your group or team to avoid stumbling into any hidden agendas. Be sensitive to possible reactions to what you are arguing for, reporting on or about to propose. Will this be "politically unwise" in the long run?

* Plan ahead. Super salespeople never wing it. Make lists of ideas you want to cover in your meeting or presentation. Rehearse them ahead of time. Consider any fine tuning you might want to do in order to make your points more relevant to a particular person or a specific audience.

* Don't waste people's time. Tell them something new. Don't rehash things they already know. Find out whether your audience is likely to be more receptive to visual or verbal information. Be prepared to adjust your own style and don't be afraid to tweak your message at the last minute. …

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