Magazine article Business Credit

CFDD's Millie DeMariano Says Goodbye

Magazine article Business Credit

CFDD's Millie DeMariano Says Goodbye

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It's hard not to recognize a face that's been involved and active in the credit industry for over 43 years. Likewise, it's hard to say goodbye to a colleague, friend and inspiration when they deem it's time to move on. And so it goes that we say farewell to a long career of service-that of Millie DeMariano.


Millie DeMariano's career in credit began in late 1963 when she started working as a credit clerk for an electrical supply company in Dayton, OH. Her intention was to make just enough money to go to California.

She never made it.

Instead, she stayed with that company for 171/2 years. "I knew absolutely nothing about credit or accounting, but somehow I learned," Millie said. "My employer was totally supportive of education and quickly got me involved with NACM, taking the classes and seminars they offered." In addition to her local NACM education, she also began taking classes at Sinclair College and then attended Ohio University.

NACM and CFDD Involvement

As Millie advanced in credit, she became more involved with NACM. In 1973, she was elected to the NACM-Ohio Board of Directors. In 1977, she became the first woman elected to the post of president of that affiliate.

Although Millie had been involved with NACM, her employer forced her to attend a Credit Women's Group (now CFDD) meeting in 1966. "It wasn't long before I realized I would never be able to repay him for that," said Millie. She worked her way through all of the CFDD Dayton Chapter offices, and was selected for the CFDD National Board in 1973. She was National Chairman in 1978. In 1985, she became the Executive Director. "Becoming CFDD Executive Director was an unbelievable honor and has meant so much in my professional and personal development."

NACM and CFDD have allowed Millie to achieve many personal and business goals. In addition, she said being Executive Director improved her leadership, communication and technical skills, which she uses (and still will use) every day. "I still scream at my computer and call my associates for assistance," she joked, "but compared to my technical skills in 1985,1 have definitely improved!"


Over her career, Millie cites technology's effect on credit as the most drastic change. "I can remember getting my first computer in the early '8Os," she said, "and I was terrified of it. Now I cannot imagine living or working without one. It's hard for me to remember NOT having email!"

The next change for Millie will be stepping down from her tenure of CFDD Executive Director and handing the reigns over to Carol Fowle, CCE at the 11 lth Annual Credit Congress and Exposition in Las Vegas. Just because she won't be the Executive Director doesn't mean she will be leaving NACM or CFDD. "I am co-chairman of the CFDD National Conference in October, so I look forward to working with Carol in presenting this event," she said. "I also plan to continue attending the Credit Congress and the CFDD conferences to keep in touch with my NACM/CFDD family."

Future Plans

"First, I want to do things at home I have not had the time to do, like clean closets!" Millie said. "I have a lot to do to get ready for our son's wedding in October, do some traveling, go to lunch with friends and not think I have to be back in an hour... and to keep me involved, I am going to do some projects for NACM President Robin Schauseil."

"I will miss the work (to a degree!), but most importantly I will miss the daily contact with the members and my co-workers at NACM-National. I am so blessed they are not just members and co-workers-they are my friends and that is a priceless benefit of my job. I have been one of those fortunate people who can truly say they looked forward to going to work every day."

We at NACM and CFDD will miss the daily contact with Millie as well. Perhaps her first (and probably most arduous) post-CFDD task will be getting MS out of her daily life. …

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