Magazine article The Spectator

Gaza Is Just Another Front in Iran's War on the West

Magazine article The Spectator

Gaza Is Just Another Front in Iran's War on the West

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Britain gazes upon the butchery in Gaza and is shocked. Shocked!

How could the Palestinians be behaving in this way, it wails?

The Palestinian butchery of blowing Israelis to bits by human bomb or rocket attacks leaves Britain unmoved. The videos of lisping Palestinian toddlers being taught to sing about murdering the Jews elicits barely a shrug. After all, these are brutal Israeli occupiers who deserve all they get, right? Whereas the Palestinians are the good guys, the helpless victims, the people who only want a state of their own.

Well, now the lie is sickeningly exposed for all to see. Palestinians throwing each other off the tops of tall buildings. Churches ransacked and Bibles burned. Hospital patients being treated for their injuries gunned down in those same hospitals. Astoundingly, there are those who blame Israel, America and Europe for causing this carnage by refusing to recognise Hamas and imposing 'punishing sanctions' against it.

Decent, rational people, however, can see that this is a struggle for mastery between people who have brutalised themselves.

Those who turn their own children into human bombs will behave in the same depraved way towards each other.

As for the 'punishing sanctions', the aid going into Gaza since these were imposed has actually doubled. If the Gazans are now going hungry, it's because the money has been siphoned off to line their leaders' pockets or to buy weapons.

Undoubtedly, a humanitarian disaster now looms. But the claim that Israel controls access to Gaza is untrue. Hamas now controls its border with Egypt. Aid should therefore be funnelled through Egypt, which should be held responsible with Hamas for its safe passage. Why should Israel be expected to supply aid to those who will merely redouble their rocket and human bomb attacks on it (but whom it continues to treat, nevertheless, in its own hospitals)? Of what other country has such a truly suicidal response to those waging war upon it ever been expected?

Unreality, however, begets ever deeper unreality. It's not just that the Palestinians have divided themselves into two 'states'. It is quickly becoming accepted that there are two different sets of people: Hamas, who are beyond the pale, and Fatah, with whom we can do business. Thus America and Israel are now busily shoring up the Fatah end of the Palestinian pantomime horse, President Mahmoud Abbas. But how deluded is this?

After all, Abbas hardly moved a muscle against Hamas in Gaza; indeed, he has always said plainly that he would never fight them. With his 40,000 armed men, he could have crushed them. He chose not to do so.

And the idea that Fatah is 'moderate' is ludicrous. Its militias have been heavily involved in recent attacks against Israel, to whose destruction -- whatever weasel words Abbas may use for credulous Western consumption -- it remains committed.

But when in a hole, the Americans continue to dig. Their renewed aid to Fatah will undoubtedly fuel yet more of the corruption that helped bring Hamas to power. Worse still, although the weapons they showered upon Abbas to help him defeat Hamas have now fallen into its hands, they will continue to arm him -- even though if Hamas captures the West Bank, it will capture those weapons too.

The reason for this deluded approach is the fundamentally flawed Western belief that the 'two state solution' will end the Middle East impasse. The fact is that the 'two state solution' has been on offer since 1922. …

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