Magazine article American Cinematographer


Magazine article American Cinematographer


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Parting the Sea

I have an issue of American Cinematographer that is dated November 1956. Starting on page 659, is an article called, "Cinematography Unsurpassed." (Filming of Cecil B. DeMille's - The Ten Commandments - rated the biggest photographic undertaking of all time.) By Arthur Rowan. In this article he goes on to explain how this picture was photographed. At the end of the article on bound page 682 and I quote;

"This phase of the production was a major undertaking in itself - said to be the largest ever involved in a Hollywood motion picture - and worthy of a story all its own. (Which we plan for an early issue. - ED.)".

My question to you is; was this "story" ever written in a later issue? If you don't know, is there a way for me to contact Arthur Rowan - who was the author of this article? I realize this is a difficult request. After all the article is now 30 years old.

I have accomplished some extensive research on this motion picture for the past five years. If this article can be located it would be of utmost help to me.

-Thank you.

Steve I. Willhite

South Bend, Indiana

Please refer to American Cinematographer, April. 1983.

FPS Myth

Your articles in American Cinematographer have been splendid. I greatly enjoyed the latest, on Linwood Dunn. But you have to solve the enigma of the 16 fps myth. I am convinced you were quoting him accurately, because every cameraman I've ever talked to insists they cranked at 16 fps.

They didn't.

And the theatres certainly didn't show the films at 16 fps. …

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