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Magazine article American Cinematographer


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Wrong ID

Thank you for publishing "The Filming of In the Name of the People", in the October issue. However, I was very upset to see a photo of the late cinematographer John Chapman, filming an interview with a SaIvadoran guerrilla, misidentified as Frank Christopher. The successful completion of our production in the mountains of El Salvador and the subsequent Academy Award Nomination cannot be separated from the courageous and creative cinematography of John Chapman.

-Frank Christopher

Oakland, Calif,

Sorry, Cheops

Pictured in the September 1985 issue (Page 64) is a pyramid at Giza, Egypt. This pyramid is incorrectly labeled Cheops. It is, in fact, that of Chephren, the son of Cheops. The pyramid of Cheops is next to Chephren's, and it is much larger. Great picture though!

-Douglas Kent

Garden Grove, CA

All Quiet Comment

Here's a sidelight on George Mitchell's excellent article on All Quiet on the Western Front (Sept., 1985):

In the spring of 1969, influenced by MGM's successful 70mm blowup of Gone With the Wind, Universal decided to do the same with All Quiet, having it hand-colored in Japan and rerecording it in stereo. The latter proved to be the project's downfall, for in those pre-Dolby, pre-digital days, all their attempts succeeded in doing was to emphasize the imperfections in the original recording as well as the surface noises and abrasions on the optical track negative from which it was taken. The failure of Columbia's blowup of The Jolson Story, as well as the realization that All Quiet was not as well known to the 1969 public as GWTW led to its ultimate abandonment. …

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