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Magazine article American Cinematographer

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Spectra Image Receives Academy Honors

California-based Spectra Image, Inc. has been voted this year's Engineering Emmy Award by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

The award is for the development of the Spectra System's(TM) D220 dual headed disc player used for editing in a random access approach. The recipients credited with this development are Joseph J. Sayovitz, Jr. and Jay D. Sherbon.

The awards presentation was held September 12, 1987 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium prior to the September 20th telecast.

With the flexibility of the Spectra System's D220 high speed dual headed laser disc player, you can cue to any point on a disc in less than one second. Once a disc is in the player, the computer automatically learns all of the time codes on the disc. This means that even if there are breaks in the time code and the scenes are not in time of day order, the system can find any code number instantly.

In the past, dissolving from one scene to another on the same reel meant making a dub for A-B rolls, which required time to dub and taking the scene down a generation.

The two heads of the dual headed laser disc player act the same as two independent VTR's; while one head is playing, the other is waiting at the next scene ready to play. This allows for cuts, wipes and dissolves from the same disc, eliminating the need for making dubs, plus allowing audio overlaps to be done with greater ease. With instant access, dual headed players allow you the luxury of looking at all your material, selecting the best, and finishing in record time. In addition, the speed of the Spectra System allows for real time assembly of several versions of the same scene without actually recording them.

Editing film or video with five dual headed disc players is well suited for either multiple or single camera shows. In the case of multiple cameras, using five players, allows playback of all material in sync. If it is a single camera film using five players, there is access to 21/2 hours of material within a second. In addition to being faster than online everything in off-line can be accomplished with the exception of special effects and titles. All audio and video edit decisions are stored and may be recalled quickly, and the ability to reedit or modify the edit list is logical as well as efficient.

The Spectra System provides extensive special effects capabilities without expensive, time-consuming dubbing. These capabilities include programmable and repeatable cuts, wipes, keys and dissolves. First generation multi-level matting is also possible.

Glows and dream effects can be easily done and it is possible to sync up to 14 VTRs, control multiple effects devices such as ADOs, DVEs, frame stores and Ultimatte. The Spectra System is a means of simple editing.

For more information: contact Spectra Image, Inc., 540 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505. (818) 842-0777.

Aerial Camera

Something's in the air and it's called Vectorvision - the state of the art, air-to-air photography system designed and developed by E.F. (Bob) Neumann and available from Two's Company, Inc.

Two's Company, leaders in automotive production services, have broadened horizons. This latest aerial camera system is installed in a Gates Learjet 25B, which provides maximum speed and maneuverability for air-to-air photography for feature films, advertising, corporate and military usage. The Learjet is also equipped with a built-in hot mic intercom system which allows for on-board communication during flight.

Vectorvision is an optical relay periscope system that protrudes through the belly of the aircraft to enable unobstructed, air-to-air photography to take place while being remotely operated within the Learjet.

Zoom, 360° horizon roll, horizon correction, the flexibility of shooting in either film format up to 70mm, stop-frame shuttered video using an lkegami camera, typically, or even in 21A" Hasselblad stills - these are just some of the capabilities encompassed in Vectorvision. …

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