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Magazine article American Cinematographer


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More on Nero's Palace

Having read Fred Perry's letter in the June 83 American Cinematographer in which he mentions QUO VADIS I thought the following might be of interest:

Peter Ellenshaw handled all the matte and composite photography on this production, other than the travelling matte which was supervised by Tom Howard at MGM studios in England.

QUO VADIS was a three-strip production and as the cinematographer for Peter Ellenshaw at that time, I can confirm that all the composite work was made from Technicolor threestrip negatives. Consequently the Nero's Palace and Arena sequences involved as many as 36 passes through a B & H shuttle gate camera in order to obtain the marry-up of the various components.

As well as an accomplished matte artist, Peter Ellenshaw had a very good mechanical insight into solving such problems as effecting movement in static paintings.

Les Ostinelli, BSC

Technicolor Ltd., London

Floppy Computer

Please allow me to be the 193rd person to point out that the picture on page 84 of the March 1983 issue was printed backwards: left to right!

I appreciate the layout person's reason for printing it that way. The composition of the picture fits the page layout very well.

The give-away is the computer. Almost no computers have their floppy disk drives on the left side-certainly not this model. But NO computers have their number keyboard pad on the LEFT side of the main keyboard.

Enough nit-pickin'. Your magazine is very good, indeed; I'll let little things like this just amuse me.

Stuart E. Bonwit

Silver Spring, MD

A Foggy Problem

I have a small problem I would like to see inserted into your letter department. I wear rather strong glasses (+4.25). While shooting film I can avoid wearing them by adjusting the eyepiece. Most videocameras, however, don't have an adjustable eyepiece, so I have to wear my glasses. I often have a condensation problem, particularly in hot weather. Does anyone know a method for keeping condensation from glasses and eyepieces, besides a heatable eyepiece, that is valuable in all temperatures?

Frans Leys

Berchem, Belgium

Sets, Sound & Super-8

You publish an excellent magazine. I even get lost in the advertisements.

One suggestion: Could you cover more information on set construction and materials, sound techniques and Super-8 for cable video transfer? I believe all three would benefit the semipro.

Rex A. Watkins, Jr.

Coloma, Michigan

More on Underwater Video

I read with interest the article on video shooting underwater in the January 1983 issue. Regarding lighting: Generally lighting is required below 15 feet to put back the color which even at that depth is filtered blue. …

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