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Magazine article American Cinematographer

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Nestor Almendros, top director of photography, is the author of A Man with a Camera, a significant book that combines his autobiography with a report on his professional activities. He explains in detail the technical and creative aspects of his work, and defines the nature of his collaboration with such directors as Robert Benton, Alan Pakula, Terrence Malick, Francois Truffaut and Eric Rohmer (Farrar Straus Giroux. New York, $17.95).

A comprehensive and factual survey by Jack lmes Jr., Special Visual Effects describes the great variety of current state-of-the art techniques. It covers such procedures as in-camera effects, 2- and 3-dimensional animation (cartoons and puppets), front and rear projection, mattes, and mechanical effects and props. Well illustrated and clearly written, this book provides abundant practical information. (Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, $30.50).

James Monaco's insightful and comprehensive overview of the U.S. movie industry, American Film Now is at long last reissued in an updated edition. It offers a well-informed, lucid and often witty appraisal of film as business and art, and comments intelligently on the achievements of leading filmmakers (NY Zoetrope, New York, $24.95; NAL/Plume, New York, $14.95).

Valuable as a consumer guide, How to Select and Use Home Video Equipment by Marjorie Costello and Michael Heiss offers expert advice, free of technical jargon, for an educated choice among available VCRs and their anticipated enjoyment (HP Books, Box 5367, Tucson, AZ 85703; $9.95 + $1.95 handling).

Ably edited by G. William Jones, Talking with lngmar Bergman, taped at an SMU student seminar, reveals the Swedish director's insight into cinematic concepts and techniques, and his struggle to come to terms with life and himself through his art (So. Methodist U. Press, Dallas, TX, $25/12.50).

Published in one volume, Persona and Shame are the scripts of the most troubling films lngmar Bergman ever wrote and directed. They deal in depth with the destruction of a personality and the breakdown of civilization (Boyars, New York, $6.95).

A knowledgeable British Film Institute study, A New Deal in Entertainment by Nick Roddick examines Warner Bros, films of the 30s and finds in them an awareness of public mood and a reflection of the times' social changes (U. of Illinois Press, Champaign, IL, $22.95/13.95).

The 14th edition of Audio Video Market Place 1984 includes 5700 cross-indexed entries, blanketing the audio and video industries' manufacturers, producers and distributois, services, technology and applications. …

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