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Magazine article American Cinematographer

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From its beginnings through sound and color to widescreen and 3D, the art of cinematography is surveyed in THE HISTORY OF MOVIE PHOTOGRAPHY by Brian Coe, curator of London's Kodak Museum. Fully documented and superbly illustrated, it provides a detailed account of the personalities and events that mark the technical and artistic evolution of the medium (NY Zoetrope, 80 E, 11 St., NYC 10003; $19.95).

In SOURCE MUSIC IN MOTION PICTURES, Irene Kahn Atkins discusses film music that has a visible origin on screen, as distinct from background music. The function, type and effectiveness of source music are cogently examined in their historic and critical aspects; guidelines for its revival are suggested (Fairleigh Dickinson U. Press $22.50).

Frank E. Beaver's DICTIONARY OF FILM TERMS is a useful and comprehensive lexicon. Its straightforward and precise definitions cover terms used in the production of movies, their critical appreciation and their technical origins (McGraw-Hill $15.95/7.95).

From Oscar's 1927 debut to last year's ceremony, Richard Shale's ACADEMY AWARDS offers a convenient three-way classification of all winners and nominees; in chronological order, by category and alphabetically. This thorough reference guide includes an historic section and a bibliography (Ungar $28.50/14.50).

A highly readable, extensively researched and well-organized survey, Frank E. Beaver's ON FILM follows the movies' historic progress. Country by country and genre by genre, the art and technique of film are informatively appraised in terms of outstanding contributors, emerging trends and salient events (McGrawHill $12.95).

Over 1500 active film/tv directors, American and foreign, are included in Michael Singer's DIRECTORS: A COMPLETE GUIDE. This extensive (rather than "complete") compilation lists directorial credits for theatrical features and television shows, producer/distributors, year of release, country of origin, director's date and place of birth, home address and/or agency connection (Lone Eagle Publ., 9903 Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90212; $30).

A thoroughgoing and highly serviceable introduction to video technology, Allan Wurtzel's TELEVISION PRODUCTION assesses current technical and esthetic broadcasting practices. It goes into explicit detail on all phases of production from sophisticated network programs to closed circuit processes and small and medium station procedures (McGraw-Hill $26).


Nine new volumes have been added to the STUDIES IN CINEMA series published by UMI Research Press (Box 1467, Ann Arbor, Ml 48106). Written by academics with broad movie teaching experience, they scrutinize in scholarly fashion many facets of film in its sociological, stylistic and historic aspects.

In DONALD DUCK JOINS UP, Richard Shale examines Disney's wartime films and their impact on training and morale ($39. …

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