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Magazine article American Cinematographer


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I was very pleased to see the article on computers in production, since this is clearly an important trend in our industry. However, I was disappointed somewhat by the narrowness of your coverage. There is a lot more going on out here than the four software/hardware systems you covered, and the production community would be better served to know it.

For starters you left out our company, Quantum Films, which currently sells and licenses film production software for use on IBM-PC and the Apple Il family of computers (and compatibles) under the name 'dataMOGUL Software. There are, besides us, several other active software vendors who specialize in marketing to the film/video production community. In addition I think your article should have included some coverage of the use that small companies and individuals can make of fairly inexpensive database management programs and spread sheet programs to computerize their work.

I think it is important for those considering computers to know that there are a variety of options out there-and they are not all ridiculously expensive.

-Emil Safier

Quantum Films

8344 Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90069

(213) 852-9661

I would like more information on the software mentioned in the "Computers in Production" article (Dec. '83).

-Robert A. Wahlberg

Seattle, WA

More information can be obtained from the following sources: InstaBid: The Production Source, Inc., 200 West 58th Street, New York. NY WOW (212) 765-4080. Jack C. Smith: DotZero, 8425 West Third Street. Suite 300. Los Angeles, CA 30048 (213) 655-4005. The Bottom Line: Robert or Delia Green. P.O. Box 432. Pebble Beach. CA 93953 (408) 625-4068. BidForm (Kamen. see below): bt systems. Ltd. 137 East 18th Street. New York, NY 10003 (212) 674-7480.


We were pleased to see the generally favorable treatment of our BidForm(TM) computer bidding program in the "Computers in Production" article which appeared in your December issue. We were, however, disappointed to see that our system was the only one not mentioned by name. We would also like to correct several inaccuracies.

First, BidForm (referred to in the article as the Kamen software), was developed by and is being marketed by bt systems, Ltd. Jon Kamen was instrumental in the initial design of the software, and continues to be of assistance in the constant refinement and enhancement of the system. …

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