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Magazine article American Cinematographer

New Products

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A unique new tungsten halogen lamp that uses only 650 watts to produce nearly the same amount of 3200K light as a standard 1000-watt FCM or FHM stage/studio quartz lamp and generates 35% less heat is available from General Electric.

According to Arthur P. Byrne, general manager of GE's high intensity and quartz lamp department, the new FWM Watt-Miser(TM) Quartzline® lamp can save users $14 per lamp in energy costs over its 400 hour rated average life at an electricity rate of 10¢ per kilowatt hour when used to replace a standard 1000-watt FCM or FHM tungsten halogen lamp in existing lighting equipment.

The physical dimensions of the new energy saving FWM WattMiser Quartzline lamp are the same (overall length 4 [fraction eleven-sixteenth] inches) as the standard FCM or FHM lamps it can replace. It can be retrofitted directly in existing scoops, cyclorama strips, softlights and portable broads and floods that use standard double-ended T-3 quartz lamps.

Key to the energy savings and increased lamp efficiency achieved with GE's new FWM Watt-Miser Quartzline stage/studio lamp is a revolutionary optical coating developed and produced in cooperation with OCLI/Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc., Santa Rosa, California, and developed for lamp application by a team of GE scientists and engineers.

The optical coating is vacuum-deposited in numerous micronthin layers, each of precisely controlled 'thickness, on the outside of the quartz filament tube. The coating freely passes light but reflects infrared heat energy back onto the lamp filament. This recycled heat permits the filament to be operated at its design temperature with less input watts. The new FWM lamp produces 90% as much light as the standard FCM lamp; yet, because of its lower wattage, lamp efficiency (lumensper-watt) is increased a dramatic 38%.

Two additional engery-saving General Electric Watt-Miser Quartzline lamps also are available. They are the Q500/350WM lamp for 120-volt circuits and the Q1500/900WM lamp for 240-volt systems. While designed primarily for general lighting, these lamps also are useful in stage/studio lighting for work lights, area floodlighting and other applications where 3200K light is not required and longer lamp life is desirable.

The physical dimensions for the new Watt-Miser Quartzline general lighting lamps are the same as the higher wattage lamps they replace, which permits simple retrofitting in existing lighting equipment. …

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