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Magazine article American Cinematographer

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An authoritative and thorough compilation, the 1980 ANNUAL INDEX TO MOTION PICTURE CREDITS covers all films shown in the Los Angeles area during the year, based on Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences logs. Fully crossreferenced, this basic record provides all pertinent data on production, release, director, writer, cinematographer, cast and crew (Greenwood Press, 88 Post Road W., Westport, CT 06811; $150, standing order $115).

A factual insight into the film industry by leading trade journalists ably edited by David Pirie, ANATOMY OF THE MOVIES reveals the inner workings of a complex entrepreneurial juggernaut, with individuals forever swamped in economic, logistic and personal predicaments (Macmillan $15.95).

In MOTION PICTURE DISTRIBUTION HANDBOOK, Joseph F. Robertson alerts independent filmmakers to the intricacies and rewards of marketing their movies, and discusses demographics, contracts, copyrights, advertising and other requirements (TABooks, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214; $19.95).

An historic as well as a bibliographic survey, ANIMATION: A REFERENCE GUIDE by Thomas W. Hoffer presents a significant, comprehensive review of the genre, listing and describing publications of all types dealing with animation. This is a choice source of general information on that creative medium (Greenwood Press, $35).

In FILM COSTUME: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY, Susan Perez Prichard provides ready access to the vast literature of movie fashion. Indexed and summarized are some 4,000 books and periodicals of the last 70 years. It is a first in its field and an invaluable research tool for scholars and buffs (Scarecrow $32.50).


In SPECIAL EFFECTS: HIGH TECH FILMS, David Hutchison discusses the spectacular achievements of such films as Alien, Altered States, Flash Gordon, Star Wars. Interviews with SFX creators, descriptions of Disney's calculating camera, sodium system traveling mattes and other techniques provide unique information on current and future gadgetry (Starlog, 475 Park Ave. S., NYC 10016; $8.95).

Roger Crittenden's comprehensive guide, FILM EDITING, offers expert advice on the editing process, while relating it to the other areas of filmmaking. Tape editing is also discussed in this excellent manual (Thames & Hudson $9.95).

How to make a profitable low-budget film is explored by Robin Cross in THE BIG BOOK OF B MOVIES, an informative and affectionate guide to the quickies that shrewd producers, innovative directors and resourceful cinematographers delivered to appreciative audiences (St. Martin's $18.95/10.95).

Philip Mosley, in INGMAR BERGMAN, THE CINEMA AS MISTRESS, scans incisively the director's early life and private concerns as the key to his cinematic innovations. This penetrating study reveals the subtle psychological stimuli of Bergman's highly personal vision (Boyars, 33 Main St., Salem, NH 03079; $16).

In FILM AND DREAMS, lngmar Bergman's exploration of hypnologic phenomena as a film element is linked to the experience of film viewing in editor Vlada Petric's and other contributors texts in this challenging collection of essays (Redgrave $11.80).

The frustration and neglect that burdened F. Scott Fitzgerald during his Hollywood screenwriting days are detailed by Matthew J. …

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