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Magazine article American Cinematographer


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Large Formats

More than 20 years I have been a reader of your famous magazine! And I still like it. From time to time we read something about that old "Cinerama time" and other super formats. At their time I myself was also a great fan of the super formats because of the brightness and stereophonic sound on more than two channels! Of course the Cinerama systems cannot be brought back; we now have the Imax and Omnimax, haven't we?

But yet I should like to know: What has become of all the beautiful Todd-AO 65mm cameras and the Super Panavision 70 system, etc. Why no more motion pictures are made in B5/70mm today. Here in Holland we have still a lot of 70mm theaters but no one shows a 70mm picture at this time!

So I should like to know if there are no possibilities of re-releasing a lot of these old 70mm productions. Producers shouldn't forget 70mm because I think it is still a weapon against television and video lookers!

-Johan C.M. Wolthuis

Arnhem, Holland

Some of the large format cameras are still on duty in special effects studios and are used in shooting giant screen productions for special purposes such as world fairs and science centers. …

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