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Magazine article American Cinematographer


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Widescreen Report

The new Iscovision 1.5x compression anamorphic system announced by Optical Radiation Corporation and reported in your November 1984 issue, has been used for about 15 years by amateur widescreen enthusiasts worldwide under the name lscorama to make widescreen films on 8mm and 16mm films and also 35mm anamorphic projection slides. They are made by Schneider of Germany. In addition to the standard 2x compression lenses currently used in the professional cinema, amateurs also have access to intermediate 1.75x compression lenses made by Kowa of Japan.

-Tony Andrews,

Secretary, Australian

Widescreen Association.

Dinosaur Dither

It was enjoyable to see Nora Lee's listing of cinema dinosaurs in the article on Baby, but I would like to correct some erroneous information, and offer an opinion.

The Allosaurus in The Beast of Hollow Mountain was created not by Jack Rabin and Louis Dewitt, but by the Edward Nassour effects unit, for which Henry Lyon created dozens of sequential, rigid dinosaur models (one for each frame of film), plus a standard positionable model for close-ups. The Nassour Brothers also produced The Boy and the Bull, a fully animated puppet feature based on Willis O'Brien's story about a boy, his pet bull, and an allosaurus.

There were no dinosaurs in At The Earth's Core; nor did Roger Dicken work on that production. Dicken introduced rod puppet dinosaurs in an earlier film, The Land That Time Forgot.

The dinosaurs which Wah Chang built for Dinosaurs - the Terrible Lizards were animated for him by Doug Beswick. …

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