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Magazine article American Cinematographer

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REBIKOFF® DR 633 VIDEOMARINE TRISAT is a broadcast quality underwater fully engineered electro-optical TV system, for professionals.

Exclusive patented fully corrective S1061 water-tight front lens provides undistorted pictures free of all optical aberrations with up to 106° diagonal in water.

The image forming primary lens can be nearly anything that fits a "C" mount including most motor zooms at user's choice. This lens will retain its original focal length and angular coverge underwater, but with far greater depth of focus, doing away with focus controls (except for telephoto and zoom range).

Tri-Saticon %" tubes are standard. Scan is either U.S./NTSC 525/60 FPS or PAL 625/50 FPS. Resolution at center is: horizontal 500 TV lines (G Channel); vertical 350 lines.

All the underwater naval type 16mm high-speed REBIKOFF® DR 58 CINEMARINE, DR 584 35mm pulse camera, DR 8250 PROMARINE 250 frame 35mm still camera, and the REBIKOFF® QUARZFLOOD®, can be added in a cluster for all cine and photo permanent record requirements.

For further information contact: Rebikoff Underwater Products, Inc., 3060 S.W. 4th Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315. (305) 522-5572.


Cinema Products Corporation announces the immediate availability of the "new generation" GSMO 16mm cassette load production camera which now incorporates several significant design improvements to make it more versatile than ever.

The "new generation" GSMO is the only professional 16mm production camera which also offers a 10O ft. (3Om) magazine. The result is the lightest, most compact camera package available on the market today. Total camera weight with the 100 ft. magazine (less lens and film) is less than 8 lbs.

"New generation" GSMO cassette-load magazines-the ultra compact 100' (3Om) magazine as well as the standard 400' (12Om) magazine-are made of extremely rugged, high-impact carbon fiber materials.

The electronics in the GSMO represent the most extensive use of advanced microcircuitry in a 16mm camera, with hybrid chips employed for most operating functions. The GSMO features selectable crystalderived speeds from 12 fps to 64 fps with principal crystal sync speeds of 24 and 25 fps. The "new generation" GSMO also features an optional 30 fps crystal sync speed for direct frame-to-frame transfer to videotape, making it ideal for shooting TV commercials and documentaries. …

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