Magazine article American Cinematographer

The New Technoflex Camera

Magazine article American Cinematographer

The New Technoflex Camera

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A new 35mm motion picture camera which claims a "first" in approaching the 20 db noise level with no isolation between the lens and movement

(EDITOR'S NOTE: If one were to select a single item at BKSTS 81 to be described as a "show-stopper," it would undoubtedly be the new TECHNOFLEX camera unveiled by Technovision Cameras Ltd. Why all the favorable comment? The fact that the TECHNOFLEX is a 35mm portable camera, small and quiet (an incredible 20.5 dBA, with film) that requires no blimps. Also the fact that the camera movement is inseparable from the lens mount in operation, which means that maximum definition is assured. The TECHNOFLEX has been ergonomically designed to fit snugly, but comfortably, onto the shoulder, making it a true hand-held camera. Despite the apparent simplicity of its design, it incorporates the sophisticated features which make it easily adaptable as a studio camera. What follows is the manufacturer's description of the new TECHNOFLEX camera:)

Ever since the advent of sound, the perennial problem has been that of camera noise, even with heavy blimped studio cameras. The artistic necessity for small, portable, reflex studio cameras even further aggravated the problem and in the last decade has only been solved by either bumping the lenses or by isolating (in some resilient material) the camera movement from the lens mount and camera body; this latter method naturally causes very questionable reliability where definition is concerned.

The TECHNOFLEX is the first camera to approach the 20 db noise level with no isolation between lens and movement, thereby guaranteeing maximum possible definition. Geoff Williamson of Wilcam in Los Angeles, in collaboration with Guiseppe Magni of E.C.E., Rome, was commissioned by Henryk Chroscicki of TECHNOVISION to design and build this camera.

The TECHNOFLEX incorporates all of the latest in data read-out devices, etc. as described below:

MOVEMENT: The movement, with dual registration pins and pull-down claws, although of new design, closely follows that of the Mitchell BNC. The main differences being that of claw entry and exit angle, a tungsten counter-balance for greatly reduced vibration, essential for a lightweight camera, and a completely redesigned pitch adjuster. The entire movement can be removed by two screws for cleaning.

MOTOR: Brushless high efficiency, using samarium cobalt magnets. …

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