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When a lame-duck draft dodger pardoned a major crook and fugitive -- along with his very own drug-dealing halfbrother -- American public opinion was righteously outraged. It was par for the course for Bill Clinton, but at least he didn't saddle the country with anything worse than having to put up with a ghastly person like Mark Rich walking freely around in polite society. His buddy Tony Blair has done better. Even lamer than Clinton was when he handed out the pardons, old Tone has burdened this country with a nice 'High Representative' who will decide when and if the British Lion will roar. How's that for a long goodbye?

Mind you, it's not as bad as it sounds.

What they actually decided down Brussels way was to help Europe speak with one voice, creating a more powerful EU foreign policy. This way Uncle Sam can speak to somebody who speaks for Europe, and give orders to one person instead of many.

Uncle Sam, after all, has been confused of late, and as he's getting on in years we Europeans have to help him out. Hence internal distractions are out, one voice, that of Brussels, is in. Bravo, Tony. You kept your most lethal thrust for last. Now it's up to Gordon the Illegitimate to figure it out. And I thought Greek politics was a joke.

And speaking of jokes, they sure are eyeless in Gaza nowadays. The struggle between Hamas and Fatah is not a fight between good and bad guys, but a fight to the death between bad guys only. The struggle is over money, moolah and guns.

The US has supported Fatah ever since Hamas won a legit election 15 months ago.

The head of the Middle East desk at the state department is Elliot Abrams, an ardent Zionist who was previously convicted of withholding information from Congress. Last time he was involved in providing US assistance it was for a good cause, the Contras in Nicaragua. The state department says that the US contribution in Gaza is part of an international effort to train and equip Palestinian security forces but I think the US plan was to empower Fatah in order to refuse the handover of real power to the electoral winner, in cahoots with Israel. If so, the plan has been a resounding success. The fact that Gaza will now become an international base for global jihad is immaterial.

Following Israel's disengagement from the Gaza Strip, there was a window of opportunity to turn that miserable place into a Middle East Macao, or even Hong Kong. That was the plan of James Wolfensohn, the ex-World Bank honcho. …

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