Magazine article American Cinematographer

Engineering Emmys Announced

Magazine article American Cinematographer

Engineering Emmys Announced

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The Board of Governors of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will present two Emmy awards and two plaques to four organizations and various individuals to recognize Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development at the upcoming 42nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, it was announced today by ATAS President Leo Chaloukian.

Emmy statuettes are presented "for developments in engineering that are either so extensive an improvement on existing methods or so innovative in nature that they materially affect the transmission, recording or reception of television," while Emmy plaques are "for those achievements that exhibit a high level of engineering and are important to the progress of the industry." The plaque is not meant to be a consolation prize, but a positive recognition of engineering achievements that are on a different level of technology and industry importance than the Emmy statuette.

Recipients of this year's Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development will be:

Comark Communications, Inc. and Varian/Eimac (and its creative team members Merrald Shrader, Don Preist, and Nat Ostroff) for the Klystrode UHF high power amplifier tube and transmitter, which not only reduced UHF transmitter power consumption by 50-75%, but it permitted the elimination of vapor or liquid cooling systems and the broadcast use of full-time multiplex service with excellent efficiency and quality. The Klystrode tube effectively reduces the electrical consumption penalty that UHF broadcasters pay with respect to their VHF counterparts.

Zaxcom Video, Inc. (and Glenn Sanders) for the TBC Control System, which provides control of TBC's Proc Amp and D2 VCR's from multiple locations, allows tape memories to store settinas to speed the process of video tape editing, and provides a storage capability of TBC settings for the Edit Decision List of video tape editors.

Additionally, plaques for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development have been voted to:

Samuelson Alga Cinema (and its creative team members Jean Marie Lavalou, Alain Masseron, David Samuelson and Hervé Theys) for the Louma Camera Crane, which was the first ever camera mounting system which enabled a remotely controlled camera to be placed not only anywhere in a set, but also to give a possible rise and fall range of 42 feet.

Alan Gordon Enterprises (and Grant Loucks and Geoff Williamson), for the Image 300 35mm High Speed Camera, which is capable of high speed photography with frame by frame registration and steadiness. It includes the professional features of reflex viewing, video replay, pin registration, quick change magazines, interchangeable lens mount, orientable viewf inder and the use of beryllium in the construction of the spinning mirror shutter.

All of these engineering awards will be presented during the nontelevised portion of the 42nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Saturday, September 15, at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium.

In addition to Committee Chair James Smith, others who've served on the Engineering Committee are Curt Behlmer, Fred Berger, Dan Brewer, Dan Carlin, Ron Estes, Dick Glickman, Frank Haney, AI Hart, Paul Johnson, Richard Rawlings, ASC, Rod Ryan, Dan Sullivan and Jerry Weiss.

Hands Across the Sea?

International Post, an advanced international post production facility, has opened on the east coast as a division of Audio Plus Video International (APVI). International Post offers complete multistandard editing, film-to-tape transfer and audio layback rooms.

"Through International Post, 10year-old Audio Plus Video Inter-national is expanding its capabilities to offer services not previously available in the U.S., but for which there is a growing demand," said André Macaluso, general manager. "As the European market grows with the approach of economic unity in 1992, and the number of joint ventures between American and European production companies increases, the services of companies like International Post will become increasingly crucial to global operating producers. …

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