Magazine article Army

Eisenhower: A Biography

Magazine article Army

Eisenhower: A Biography

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Eisenhower: A Biography. John Wukovits. Palgrave Macmillan. 204 pages; maps; black and white photographs; index; $21.95.

Sixty years following the Allied victory in World War II, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower continues to attract a great deal of attention. Geoffrey Perret led the charge with his 1999 Eisenhower, followed three years later by renowned military historian Carlo D'Este's more scholarly biography Eisenhower: A Soldier's Life.

In Eisenhower: A Biography, the third installment of the Great Generals series, John Wukovits now offers a concise portrayal of the commander who served as the chief architect of D-Day and the campaign in northwest Europe.

Wukovits is no stranger to military history and biography. He is the author of a number of books on World War II, including Pacific Alamo and One Square Mile of Hell. A frequent contributor to the magazines Military History and WWII, Wukovits has also appeared frequently on the History Channel.

In a well written foreword by series editor Gen. Wesley K. Clark, U.S. Army retired, the former Supreme Allied Commander Europe lauds Eisenhower's personal growth and character, a powerful legacy for the U.S. Army's current officer corps. In dark's view, Ike possessed "incredibly keen instincts for people, but he also proved an apt student, and was a natural leader who grew with every experience."

Wukovits concurs, adding that Eisenhower was considerably more complex and interesting than previously imagined. The Eisenhower who appears in these pages is "every bit the combat general, from the passion for the troops to his ability to make the tough command decisions." Wukovits finds little to criticize over the course of Dee's career, and one wonders if a more balanced approach might have resulted in a more comprehensive portrait of Eisenhower. That said, Wukovits still presents a highly readable account of the first modern military commander to operate at the military-political command level.

In examining Eisenhower's life, Wukovits traces his subject's professional development from his initial posting at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, following his graduation from West Point in 1915. …

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