In Memoriam: Louis Page

Article excerpt

Louis Page, ASC, a leading French cinematographer for many years, died in Soucy, France, on March 3,1990. He was 85 and had been an ASC member since 1945. He is survived by his wife, Paule Bouteau, a long-time production assistant and script supervisor.

Born in Lyon, Page studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, but gave up painting because of his interest in cinematography. His first professional work was as assistant director to Jean Cocteau and second cameraman to Georges Perinal onthefamed avantgarde production, La Sangd'unPoetefThe Blood of a Poet) in 1930. He remained with Perinal during 1931 and 1932 on the René Clair productions LeMillion, A Nous la Liberte and 14 Juillet, and Alexander Korda's La Dame de Chez Maxim's. One of his 1933 jobs was as second unit cinematographer shooting African exteriors for Zoltan Korda's production, Bozambo.

In 1936 he worked in Paris with the American cinematographer, Harry Stradling (Sr.), ASC, on La Kermesse Héroïque, Jacques Feyder's elegant film known in the U. S. as Carnival in Flanders. Page seconded the cinematographer and inventor, Eugene Shufftan in 1937-8 on Drole de Drame and Quai des Brumes, directed by Marcel Carne, and Le Drame de Shanghai, directed by G. W. Pabst. He also was in charge of second unit photography in China for the Pabst picture. In addition he was at various times assistant director to Georges Lacombe and camera operator to Armand Thirard, Joseph-LouisMundwillerandother leading European cinematographers. …


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