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Magazine article American Cinematographer

What's New

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Portable R-DAT Recording

Bruel & Kjaer, in cooperation with Panasonic Professional Audio, has introduced the world's first completelyportable R-DAT recording/archiving system in a padded flight case. The system has been designed to address the recording and sampling needs of engineers, producers and musicians who require a portable and highly cost-effective recording combination for remote applications. Contained in a lightweight Zero/Halliburton flightcase, the system has all the equipment needed to achieve the highest quality digital recordings under all conditions.

The digital recording/archiving system is built upon two Bruel & Kjaer Type 4006 omnidirectional microphones and the new Panasonic SV-255 portable R-DAT recorder. It includes all necessary accessories including a stereo mount, two channel P-48 power supply, DA-0777 nose cones, battery charger and battery. Bruel & Kjaer's Type 4011 cardioid microphones are available as an option. The entire package meets F.A.A. airline size regulations for carry-on luggage.

For more information: Bruel & Kjaer, 185 Forest St., Marlborough, MA 01752, (508) 481-7000; FAX (508) 485-0519.

Images Available

Energy Productions, Hollywood, has released Volume III of its Timescape Image Library, a new package of licensed images assembled from the company's library of 35mm film. The package is being offered to local television stations around the country for use as on-air enhancement within promo spots, station IDs, news opens, weather reports, sales presentations and program content genera I Iy.

Previously, the packages have featured largely special effects cinematography and high tech imagery, while Volume ill provides a broad canvas of the American scene with special emphasis on people, lifestyles and the environment. It also includes aerial vistas of the nation.

The span of subject matter is extensive. It pictures virtually all aspects of community and social life, plus a wide variety of sports and recreational activities, workplace environments (including a space shuttle take-off) and a wealth of Americana. The aerials range from sweeping panoramas of majestic mountaintops to verdant rural landscapes to dynamic urban skylines. Stations licensing the image package may also choose to receive a custom shoot of their market.

For more information: Energy Productions, 2690 Beachwood Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068, (213) 462-3310.

Underwater Workshop

A one-week workshop in underwater cinematography for film and video will be conducted this winter on the Caribbean Island of St. Thomas, January 6 through 12,1991. The course is being taught by underwater cameraman Peter Romano of Los Angeles. Romano has done underwater cinematography in such films as The Abyss, Splash, Jaws: The Revenge, and Navy Seals.

This is an opportunity for individuals and production companies to gain practical experience in underwater cinematography, along with the technical knowhow to work on underwater features, commercials and documentaries. The technical training is also valuable for scientists and oceanographers working on undersea projects and deep sea exploration where camera systems play a key role.

The course is for experienced film camera assistants, operators, and directors of photography as well as videographers. The course also provides an opportunity to develop an artistic approach to underwater photography. Participants who wish to work underwater as camera operators must be certified divers - those who wish to work as camera assistants above water are welcome and need not be divers.

The course will cover methodology for working underwater with 16mm and 35mm film cameras and in various video formats. There is a thorough investigation of camera housings, camera systems, remote video assist, and underwater lighting systems, including HMI and tungsten. There will be work in the pool at the hotel, as well as shallow and deep dives both during the day and at night. …

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