Magazine article American Cinematographer

What's New in Products, Services and Literature

Magazine article American Cinematographer

What's New in Products, Services and Literature

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A new line of adapters for Arriflex Bayonet Lenses. Arriflex Bayonet mount to: Aaton, Bolex, C-mount, CP-16R, and Eclair.

These adapters are a precision 2-piece construction of high quality stainless steel and aluminium to resist corrosion and wear. They are calibrated to .0005 inch of accuracy to insure uniform fit and they are hard black anodized. Special flat interior paint minimizes internal reflection.


This medium small unit reflects sun and artificial light. It can fit in most Lowel kits, yet is large enough to provide fill light for two people, head to waist. It can be stand- or clamp-mounted with its Tota-tilter. A constant tension "clutch" provides reliable rotation. Tilting and panning adjustments are precise.

When hand held, the Lightflector can be bowed convexly to reduce brightness and increase the area covered. Slight concave bowing intensifies the light at very close distances.

Both sides of the Lightflector are covered with washable, scratch resistant, aluminized Mylar. One side has "texture" to provide a soft, even light pattern. The opposite side is specular. Its extra bright, not very even beam, is intended primarily for bounce illumination.

Though not a substitute for large reflectors (Variflector II) it is ideal for automobile interiors, product shots, closeups, etc. It can provide fill, rim or accent illumination. When reflecting a light source already in use, it provides additional illumination without additional amperage.

The Lowel Lightflector measures 15''x24''x3/8'', (39x61x1cm) and weighs just under 2 pounds with its Tota-tilter.

The cost of the Lightflector with its Tota-tilter is $65.00 (order code LFT), individually the Lightflector is $48.50 (code LF) and the Tota-tilter is $19.50 (code T1-36).


Until now, video viewfinders for film cameras were plagued by non-readable frame lines in most filming situations. Continental Camera Systems' new Frame Line Generator uses the latest micro-circuits to allow the film cameraman to see a sharply defined, bright, white frame-line that is superimposed on any video viewfinding system. All standard, as well as special, aspect ratios can easily be displayed. …

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