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Magazine article American Cinematographer

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Richard Roud, a director of the New York Film Festival, has assembled in CINEMA: A CRITICAL DICTIONARY intelligent and authoritative evaluations of the world's leading filmmakers, national cinemas and film genres by such international experts as Noel Burch, Andrew Sarris, Penelope Houston, Harnes Monaco, Tom Milne and Roud himself. This is a major contribution to film reference literature, a solid body of critical analysis that encompasses the history of film in all its manifestations (Viking, 2 vols. $75).

Some 12,000 films are listed in HALLIWELL'S FILM GUIDE (2nd ed.), an invaluable record and assessment of world film production of the last 50 years. Under Leslie Halliwell's practiced and erudite guidance, the book offers full credits, plot synopses, a valid film rating system and occasional quotes from critics' reviews (Scribners $36).

In FILM SUPERLIST FOR 1940-1949 MOTION PICTURES IN THE U.S. PUBLIC DOMAIN, some 20,000 films whose copyright has expired have been compiled by Walter E. Hurst, Johnny Minus and William Storm Hale, a potential bonanza for alert operators (Seven Arts Press, Box 649, Hollywood, CA 90028; $95).

Requirements of the AV industry are well served in the 10th edition of AUDIOVISUAL MARKET PLACE 1980. AV hardware equipment manufacturers and dealers, AV software producers and distributors, and service firms are listed in this reliable multimedia guide, as well as numerous ancillary facilities and other relevant data (Bowker $29.95).

In TEXAS PRODUCTION MANUAL, existing film/TV services appear in an extensive listing of facilities and personnel (Texas Film Commission, Box 12428, Capitol Sta., Austin, TX 78711; free to qualified individuals and firms). Similar facilities in the Chicago area are listed in CU DIRECTORY (203 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL 60601; $5).

In REEL CHANGE, Patricia Peyton effectively catalogs some 500 movies dealing significantly with human values, community involvement and ethnic pride (N.Y. Zoetrope $6.95).


In THE- MUSIC OF MAN, television producer Curtis W. Davis and violinist Yehudi Menuhin write about the 8-part series shortly to be seen on public television. The book describes in an insightful and enlightening way a fascinating journey through musical history told in an attractive large format, superbly illustrated volume (Methuen $24.95).

Film critic Pauline Kael assembled in WHEN THE LIGHTS GO DOWN her reviews from The New Yorker, displaying her remarkable knowledge of the medium and its techniques, an enormous erudition, and a healthy penchant for controversy (Holt Rinehart Winston $18.95/9.95). Novelist Graham Greene's film criticism, written in the '30s for British periodicals, are reprinted in THE PLEASURE DOME, an enjoyable collection, both perceptive and openminded (Oxford U. Press $8.95).

John Robert Colombo has gathered in POPCORN IN PARADISE what he aptly calls "the wit and wisdom of Hollywood," some 3000 quotes from 700 movie personalities trading aphorisms, epithets and smart aleck one-liners about life in the movie colony and their stake in it (Holt Rinehart Winston $9.95).

In STAR BABIES, Raymond Strait writes up case histories of children of top Hollywood performers, revealing the heartbreaks and frustrations that beset these youngsters when years of glamor and affluence came often to an abrupt end (St. …

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