Magazine article Southwest Art

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Magazine article Southwest Art

My World

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A visit with sculptor CURT BRILL at his studio in Tucson, AZ

Why did you move to the Southwest from New York? I had never been out west, but when I graduated from college I wanted to see the Grand Canyon. I'm an outdoors1/guy, and I fell in love with the desert. I bought an old truck and traveled from national park to national park. Then, I made a two-year commitment to myself to live in Tucson, and that commitment has gone to 30 years.

How does your environment affect your art? In the open expanse of the desert, my work has gotten looser. Just having this much space has helped me to loosen up.

Describe your home and studio.

I bought a house 30 years ago and have acquired three properties close to the 1-10 highway because I can easily go to my foundry in Sedona and my gallery in Scottsdale. It's turned into a little complex. I have three buildings I use for my studio. One is where I do all of the creative work-a lot of drawing and clay studies. That's where I work with models. At this point, the second studio is the largest at 2,000 square feet, and it's where I do my big pieces, most of which go to private collections. The third space is a technical space for mold making, wax work, and patinas.

Do you create many public works? Public art shies away from nude, figural work like mine. They really like clothing on their sculptures. Even though my work is loose, because my figures don't wear clothes, it keeps me out of the public arena.

Where do you find your models? Good question. I am always looking. I take out advertisements, or people come to me by word of mouth. I have access to art school models, but I like to work with folks who have never modeled before. The art school models have preconceived ideas and either do dance poses or try to act. When someone has never modeled before, they come in and I can work with them. I am a quiet person who lives in the desert. …

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