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Magazine article American Cinematographer

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Published since 1934 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as the Screen Achievement Records Bulletin, its successor, the ANNUAL INDEX TO MOTION PICTURE CREDITS is now being issued by Greenwood Press, starting with this 1978 edition. It is a complete and authoritative record of all films shown in the Los Angeles area during the covered year, used in determining eligibility for the Academy Awards. Each entry, fully cross-indexed, provides all the basic production data on the film itself and its producer, director, writer, cinematographer, art director, film editor, costume designer, composer, sound engineer and cast ($125, standing order $95).

A rich and thought-provoking anthology edited by Gerald Mast and Marshall Cohen, FILM THEORY AND CRITICISM assembles a wide range of essays and dissertations that permit some 60 contributors to state their stimulating views on esthetic, ideological and socioeconomic aspects of cinema (Oxford U. Press $25/9.95).

Michael Malone's study of male sexuality in films, HEROES OF EROS, is a knowledgeable discussion of machismo as it evolved from Rudolph Valentino to Robert Redford. Numerous illustrations emphasize the esthetic appearance and the psychological implications of an often ambiguous virility (Dutton $9.95).

In WESTERN MOVIES, a well selected collection of informative essays chosen by William T. Pilkington and Don Graham stress the epic qualities and symbolic content of these films as significant touchstones of American culture (U. of New Mexico Press $13.96/6.95).

The Canadian film industry during its 1895-1939 period is surveyed in EMBATTLED SHADOWS, a brilliant and penetrating study by Peter Morris. His utter familiarity with the subject, his engaging style and his extensive research make this book a unique historic document (McGill-Queens U. Press $7.95).

In THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY ANIMALS, the studio's chief animal trainer, William R. Koehler, provides a lively and fascinating report on the production problems, successfully overcome, of such movies as The Shaggy Dog, The Bears and I and Big Red (Howell House $10.95).

Hundreds of movie performers who are also recording artists are listed in HOLLYWOOD ON RECORD: THE FILM STARS' DISCOGRAPHY compiled by Michael R. Pitts and Louis D. Harrison. This extensive directory, covering the period since the introduction of the modern LP record, provides essential information not available elsewhere in this form (Scarecrow $16).

In HAVEN'T I seeN YOU SOMEWHERE BEFORE?, editor James L. Limbacher has listed the film/TV productions that were later the object of remakes, sequels or series in either medium. Each entry indicates the releasing company or country, year of release and literary source, and covers the 1896-1978 period (Pierian Press $24.95).

Two new volumes of legal advice have been issued by Practicing Law Institute (810 Seventh Ave., NYC 10019). Henry G. Henn's COPYRIGHT PRIMER deals with the intricate provisions of the 1976 Copyright Act, as it brought fundamental changes to its previous text ($40). COUNSELING CLIENTC- IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY 1979 clarifies basic questions affecting the rights of directors, writers, technicians and performers in film, television and recording ($20). …

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