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Magazine article Acoustic Guitar


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I am a big Fleetwood Mac fan, so I really liked Andrew DuBrock's interview with Lindsey Buckingham. I've been working on his tune, "Never Going Back Again," from the November 2002 issue. In the February article, you talked about Buckingham's right-hand technique, spelling out the picking fingers used on several pieces-but not on "Never Going Back Again." In Example 5, it shows the three-string roll he ends each phrase with, but it doesn't indicate which fingers he picks with. Does he use just two (i and m) or three (i, m, and a)? I've been trying it with just the two (i and m) and three (m, m, and i), but it's not up to speed yet. Will this approach will work out, or should I switch to a three-finger technique? More generally, does a roll always imply one finger for each string? Does Buckingham use finger picks?


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Andrew DuBrock responds: Lindsey uses ring, middle, and index fingers there (the roll goes a-m-i, a-m-i, a-m-i.). Lindsey doesn't use fingerpicks. When he plays single-note solos by frailing with his picking hand, he often shreds the nail(s) on his picking hand! I don't think all rolls have to be played by assigning one finger to each string, but I do find it easier to play them that way myself. If you can work the other method up to speed, I'm sure that will work fine, as well.

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On the DVD Home and Away, what type of strings is Leo Kottke using? What type of slide? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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