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Magazine article American Cinematographer

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Film historian Kevin Brownlow's THE WAR, THE WEST, AND THE WILDERNESS celebrates the pioneer filmmakers who traveled far beyond studio walls to shoot features, documentaries and newsreels in authentic locations. Extensively researched and abundantly illustrated, this massive volume brings to life little known facts of historic significance (Knopf $27.50).

A perceptive film critic, Andrew Sarris has assembled in POLITICS AND CINEMA a striking selection of his weekly columns from New York's Village Voice. His outspoken and often controversial views of movies with political or social content abound in shrewd observations and stimulating pronouncements (Columbia U. Press $12.95).

In HOLLYWOOD'S CHILDREN, Diana Serra Cary draws on her own experience as "Baby Peggy" to trace the shocking story of filmland's exploited youngsters, few of whom achieved a screen career after their overworked childhood (Houghton Mifflin $12.50).

Roy Pickard compiles in HOLLYWOOD GOLD a complete listing of all movies that won an Oscar in any category. An excellent reference work, well organized (Taplinger $9.95).

Some 300 films dealing with the film industry's image of itself are extensively examined in HOLLYWOOD ON HOLLYWOOD by James Robert Parish and Michael R. Pitts with Gregory W. Mank, including pertinent comments, plot outlines and cast-&-credits (Scarecrow $17.50).

David Zinman's 50 FROM THE 50s surveys a neglected era of filmmaking, recapturing the mood of a period of growing costs, dwindling audiences, political witchhunts and the impact of television's growth (Arlington $25).

To readers interested in a complete survey of all new film, TV and other communication media books, this column recommends the authoritative monthly MASS MEDIA BOOKNOTES (Temple U., Radio-TV-Film Dept., Philadelphia, PA 19122; $5 yr.)


Arno Press has issued further volumes in its substantial series of reprints of significant cinema books long out of print or available only in libraries:

THE MOVIES COME FROM AMERICA by Gilbert Seldes, a 1937 book, examines the worldwide influence of US films ($20); HOW MOTION PICTURES ARE MADE by Homer Croy (1918) outlines film production techniques of the period ($30); CINEMATIC DESIGN by Leonard Hacker (1931) deals with the esthetics of the medium ($16); MUSIC FOR THE FILMS by Leonid Sabaneev (1935) is a handbook for composers and conductors ($15); FOUR ASPECTS OF THE FILM by James L. Limbacher (1968) surveys progress in color, sound, aspect ratio and 3D ($30); and THE BOOK OF THE LANTERN by T. C. Hepworth (1899), "A Practical Guide to the Working of the Optical (Magic) Lantern" ($25).

THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF CARL LAEMMLE by John Drinkwater (1931) recalls the early film pioneer who founded Universal Studios ($28); THE GREAT GOLDWYN by Alva Johnston (1937) documents Sam Goldwyn's rise ($15); JOSEF VON STERNBERG by Herman G. Weinberg (1967) is a perceptive study of the director ($22); and CINEMA 1950, 1951, 1952, all three edited by Roger Manvell, survey the world scene from a critical angle ($25 ea.).


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