Magazine article American Cinematographer

What's New in Products, Services and Literature

Magazine article American Cinematographer

What's New in Products, Services and Literature

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The Belter is designed to get your 35mm still camera off your neck and onto your belt... for use by active people who want to carry a camera while skiing, hiking, biking, sailing, on horseback, on the golf course, or during almost any physical activity ... or for anyone who wants to carry a camera for a long time.

The Belter supports a 35mm camera on your belt. It's made of thin but tough, cloth-textured, man-made rubber which resists drying and cracking. It adds no bulk as a case would.

The unit slides on the belt and the camera is inserted between the two stretchable flaps which form the ends of the device. As the distance between the flaps is narrower than the camera, and the lens keeps the camera from shifting, the Belter holds the camera securely.

When long lenses are used, the Belter is shifted to the hip ... and both camera and Belter are tilted down so the heavy lens hangs naturally at the side. One size fits all 35mm Single Lens Reflex or similar shaped cameras. Price: $3.95. At camera stores or from the manufacturer: Arthur Gould Products, 1690 West 6 Street, Reno, Nevada 89503.


Filmmakers who shoot 16mm in both the U.S.A. and overseas will be traveling lighter in 1979, thanks to the new MODEL FR-16X "Frezzi-Flex "'" 16mm motion picture (ciné) camera, manufactured by Frezzolini Electronics Inc. in Hawthorne, New Jersey, U.S.A. The camera includes, as standard equipment at no extra charge, dual crystals selectable for 24 fps and 25 fps - now one camera will do instead of two.

1979 will find filmmakers using the new Frezzi "Long-Life" Sound Head, which, along with the Model FR-16X camera, was introduced to the industry in November 1978 at SMPTE in New York City.

For more information write to Sales Manager, Frezzolini Electronics Inc., 7 Valley Street, Hawthorne, New Jersey 07506 U.S.A., telephone (201) 427-1160. Outside the U.S.A. contact Export Agents: Cinecraft International, Inc. 11 Caesar Place, Moonachie, New Jersey 07074 U.S.A., telephone (201) 9390875. Telex: Cinecraft Moon TLX 138875, Cables: Cinecraft Moon, U.S.A. except England contact: Cinefocus Rentals Ltd., 44 Mountfield Road, Baling, London W5, telephone 01-977 2236; and in Canada contact: Kingsway Film Equipment, Ltd., 821 Kipling Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M8Z 5G8, telephone (416) 233-1101.


With their insides sealed from the elements, they float, they're lightweight, they're rugged, and most of all, they are affordable.

Available in an assortment of stock sizes with or without foam, these cases are air transport and military tested and approved. …

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