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Magazine article American Cinematographer

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A perceptive analysis of director Bergman's key films, Maria BergomLarsson's FILM IN SWEDEN: INGMAR BERGMAN AND SOCIETY illuminates the ideological relationship of his films to the milieu he sprang from, his straightlaced Lutheran upbringing and his patriarchal attitude toward women (Barnes $7.95).

A historic survey of some 400 sci-fi movies, FUTURE TENSE by John Brosnan discusses the genre's techniques and content in a knowledgeable assessment of the trends and influences that shaped their evolution. Brosnan's authoritative study ranks among the top books on the subject (St. Martin's $15).

Arthur Knight's celebrated survey of movie history, THE LIVELIEST ART, is now available in paperback. This revised and updated edition offers a penetrating and consistently judicious appraisal of the medium (NAL/Mentor $2.50).

Arno Press reprints of classical works of cinema literature now include 4 volumes in addition to those reviewed in our April column: ART AND PRUDENCE by philosopher Mortimer J. Adler examines esthetics-and particularly film-from the social and moral angle ($45); BRITISH CINEMAS AND THEIR AUDIENCES by J. P. Mayer views film as the dominating educational element in human behavior ($25); THE CINEMA IN EDUCATION, edited by James Marchant, explores "the physical, social, moral and educational influence" of film in Britain ($15); and MOTION PICTURE COMMISSION -HEARINGS BEFORE THE COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION by the U.S. House of Representatives to establish a Federal Motion Picture Commission ($18).

Intimate appraisals of movie stars by their directors, producers, spouses and friends have been collected by Danny Peary in CLOSE-UPS. Celebrities of past and present undergo candid scrutiny at the hands of over 100 of their associates (Workman $8.95).

Writer/producer Syd Field provides in SCREENPLAY an approach based on his own experience, discussing the basics of the craft in terms simple enough to enable any beginner to develop an idea into a submittable script (Delta $4.95).

The way Hollywood movies interpret American institutions, values and lifestyles is expertly analyzed by 14 scholars in AMERICAN HISTORY/AMERICAN FILM, edited by John E. O'Connor and Martin A. Jackson. From Way Down East (1920) to Rocky (1976), the evidence yielded by films is held to reflect their relative validity as testimonials of their time (Ungar $12.50/5.95).

Gerald McKee's FILM COLLECTING is replete with informative comments and practical tips on a hobby that has grown considerably in recent years and is actively expanding into tape (Barnes $12).


In LIGHTING FOR LOCATION MOTION PICTURES, Alan J. Ritsko examines in substantial detail the indoor location shooting requirements of director of photography, lighting director, cameraman and gaffer. This is a highly practical, well illustrated volume, covering all types of production in expert descriptions of the jobs (Van Nostrand Reinhold $16.95).

Factual data about Hollywood personalities of past and present, arranged in computer print-out style, fill the pages of STAR STATS, edited by Kenneth S. …

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