Magazine article Tikkun

Names for Rabbi Aaron, Z'l

Magazine article Tikkun

Names for Rabbi Aaron, Z'l

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When I was twelve, thirteen, and fourteen years old, I became increasingly obsessed with painting my name on the walls of the bunks where I lived for eight weeks every summer. I was not the only camper at Delwood to enjoy this pastime, of course. As we grew older and moved from bunk to bunk each year, we were surrounded by more and more names, some of ancient vintage and some more recent. Starting out a new camp season, it was only a matter of time-and the availability of contraband art supplies-before my friends and I would catch the immortality bug and place our names alongside the more venerable entries. The appearance of a can of paint and a few brushes, purloined from the arts and crafts shop, gave us the opportunity to perpetuate our names and the years we spent in those dingy wooden cabins by inscribing the information on the unfinished interior walls.

I must admit that I probably outdid everyone else in my zeal. With neatly printed, high-contrast letters, I covered every available blank space with "Robert Goldfarb, 1954 (the year I first arrived at Camp Delwood) -1959" (probably the peak of my self-memorializing activity, at age fourteen).

So it was when the rabbi got wind of our decorating schemes and paid us a call, I was the person he first addressed.

"Robert," he intoned, "Do you write your name on the walls at home?"

"No," I answered.

"Then why do you do it here?"

No answer.

"Do you want me to ask your parents to pay for painting it over?"


A short lecture followed on respecting other people's property; then the rabbi left. …

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