Magazine article American Cinematographer

Noted and Notable at Film 79

Magazine article American Cinematographer

Noted and Notable at Film 79

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Film 79

A potpourri of ingenious and well-thought-out products to improve the product and save time and money in every phase of film-making

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Cinema Products Corporation introduces a new and unique soft light for motion picture and television field production-the BUBBELITE (U.S. Patent, No. 3,851,164).

The BUBBELITE is a very soft, soft light, which provides extremely smooth and uniform illumination. It can be used to fill shadow areas at or near eye-level, or as a key light when feathered, soft and deeply graded shadows are desired.

Extremely lightweight, portable, and easily set up in less than 30 seconds, the BUBBELITE enables the cinematographer or lighting director to achieve true studio control on location, without requiring a truck-load of equipment.

Outstanding Features:

* The BUBBELITE features a uniquely designed umbrella-like reflector constructed of a special fabric. Because of the umbrella's unique curvature in relation to the light source and the reflectance involved, the 1200-watt BUBBELITE provides the equivalent of a 2000-watt throw in a standard soft light.

* Quartz lamps: Each BUBBELITE head uses two 600-watt tungsten-halogen single-ended lamps (Code: BHC/ DYS/DYV).

* Power requirements: 120-140 volts AC-DC, 10 amperes.

* Switch: three-position, one lamp on, off, two lamps on.

* Maximum height to lamp center: 10 feet.

* Light source area: 4.125 sq. ft.

* Light intensity at 8 feet: 200 foot-candles (f/4, ASA 100,1/50th)

* Area coverage from 8 feet: More than 80 square feet.

Each BUBBELITE kit consists of two complete BUBBELITES (heads, stands and cables), packed in a sturdy, fitted carrying case, and weighing less than 12 lbs.

A complete BUBBELITE kit (less lamps) is priced under $500.


The John Barry Group have had designed a brilliant new range of NiCad battery packs, together with a totally new concept in recharging-something which will be of inestimable value to the film and television industry.

One of the NiCad battery packs, the BARRYPACK 4-30 model, is becoming accepted as the standard new portable lighting system for film and television newsgathering. It offers fully automatic battery protection during charge and discharge. The solid state battery voltage monitor gives continuous indication of the state of the charge, with automatic cut-off.

The BARRYPACK 4-30 has been designed for use with all professional portable battery-operated light heads, 350W, 250W, 150W-30V. It features rapid recharge and matched cells and is ideal for running any 28V DC camera motor.

Currently, 100 of the BARRYPACK 4-30 Model have already been exported to Southeast Asia.

BARRYPACKS (NiCad battery packs) and BARRY CHARGERS (NiCad battery charger incorporating the new Sensomatic pulse charging system) are manufactured and designed in Australia to meet the need for reliable portable power, with both quick-recharging and fast-recharging capabilities.

Quick-charging is only 2 ½ hours on a fully discharged 2 A.H. battery. Fastrecharging is 30 minutes on a fully discharged 2 A.M. battery.

Both these charging methods incorporate the Sensomatic Pulse charging system, an innovative concept which also offers longer battery cycle life and reduces capacity fading when compared with ordinary constant current chargers.

BARRYPACKS have been specially designed for carrying comfort with lightweight cases in a distinctive red polyurethane, with an adjustable carrying strap.

Both BARRYPACKS AND CHARGERS set a new standard in NiCad battery-packs and chargers and are ideal for all ENG usage, newsfilm cameras and portable light heads.

For further information, contact JOHN BARRY GROUP, 105 Reserve Road, Artarmon, NSW 2064, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. …

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