Magazine article American Cinematographer

What's New in Products, Services and Literature

Magazine article American Cinematographer

What's New in Products, Services and Literature

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Cinema Products Corporation announces the availability of the new "CRYSTASLATE" modification package for CP-16R reflex cameras. The "CRYSTASLATE" modification provides the CP-16R with auto-slate edge marking, a bloop tone signal, and a sync pulse output signal (60 or 50 Hz sine wave).

The "CRYSTASLATE" modification (which must be ordered at the same time when ordering the CP-16R reflex camera) is ideal for use with Nagra 3 & 4 recorders and similar professional tape recorders.

The "CRYSTASLATE" modification package is priced at $650.00. For further information, please write to Cinema Products Corporation, 2037 Granville Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90025.


Super8 Sound, Inc. has announced several improvements in the SuperS Sound Recorder, including an industry-standard pilotone sync output, a unique speed memory circuit that holds speed during sync dropouts, new CMOS integrated circuitry for increased noise immunity, and two basic sync speeds (24fps professional and 18fps amateur) on all machines.

Despite the improvements, there has been no price increase - the Supers Sound Recorder still sells for $645. There are now over forty Super8 Sound Sync Cameras, plus the new singlesystem sound cameras, that are compatible with the Supers Sound Recorder.

The Supers Sound Recorder records on Super 8 fullcoat magnetic film and combines the functions of location recorder, laboratory resolver, soundstudio dubber, and transfer recorder. It is fully compatible with all other syncsound systems - professional or amateur, pilotone or new digital .1/F sync pulse, reel-to-reel or cassette and has built-in quartz crystal sync.

A 28-page illustrated Super8 Sound Recorder User's Manual is available for $1. It tells how to transfer sync sound from a magnetic tape recorder to Super 8 fullcoat, how to transfer sync sound from the magnetic edge stripe of a single-system film to fullcoat for professional double-system editing, how to transfer edited fullcoat sound tracks back to the edge stripe of multiple release prints, and many other applications for the Supers Sound Recorder.

For further information, contact: Supers Sound, 95 Harvey Street, Cambridge, Mass. 02140. (617) 876-5876.


The new "Zeppelin" Wind Screen for Sennheiser 815, 415 and 435 and other similar microphones, is now available exclusively from Alan Gordon Enterprises Inc.

The "Zeppelin" has an aerodynamic design that forces wind to flow around it while creating a dead-air space around the microphone. Although air will not penetrate the screen, sound will, thanks to its unique construction.

Materials used in the construction of the "Zeppelin" are said to give it a decided advantage over foam screens. The "Zeppelin" has an outer lattice of polyethelene, high-density plastic that doesn't crack or become brittle. The inner material consists of foam which is sandwiched between layers of laminated nylon. Outer framework of the "Zeppelin" is made of PVC (poly vinyl chloride), semi-rigid, high-impact plastic.

Field tests have proved the "Zeppelin" to be virtually indestructible. The 815 model weighs only eight ounces and the "Zeppelin" is easily cleaned by washing with a detergent or with air.

For prices, contact Ted Lane at AGE Inc., 1430 Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, Calif. 90028, (213)466-3561.


Photo Research Division of KoIImorgen Corporation announced the introduction of its new Light Emitting Diode (LED) Receptor accessory for use with its line of Spectra® Photometers and Radiometers. …

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