Magazine article American Cinematographer

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Magazine article American Cinematographer

Questions & Answers

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(Inquiries are invited relating to cinematographic problems. Address: O.S. A.. AMERICAN CINEMA TOGRAPHER. P. O. Box 2230. Holly wood. Calif. 90028.)

Q Is there an official repository in which a writer can legally establish his copyright of material that he has written (but not published) from which he intends to fashion a film script?

A The Writers Guild of America, West, 8955 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048 has set up a Registration Service to establish the completion date of literary property such as film scripts. Registration does not confer any statutory protection, it only provides evidence of the writer's prior claim. There are charges for such registration. Write to the Writers Guild for complete details.

Q We are planning to film a sequence of the Solar Flare, using a Bolex RX 5 camera with 14 inch Celestrom Telescope. Could you kindly assist us to solve the following cinematographic problems.

1. What type of 16mm color film is used for photographing the Solar Flare, which is in the color region of H. Alpha light 6562 angstrom?

2. Is the color film a negative or reversal film?

3. What type of filter is used for the camera?

4. What exposure time is necessary per frame, as it has to be done in timelapse cinematography?

A We suggest using a daylight type color film as this eliminates using a filter in the optical path with its tendency to cause flare in this type of subject.

Whether you use negative or reversal film depends upon your need for multiple prints. …

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