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A major work of biographical research, FRITZ LANG by Lotte H. Eisner examines the career of the late director in a penetrating analysis of his style, his working methods, the plots of his films and his underlying philosophy of life. (Oxford U. Press $25.)

In GILLES CARLE, the work of the Canadian director is perceptively discussed by Micheline Perron and Piers Handling in an informative, juxtaposition of his own comments, film reviews, a filmography and a bibliography. (Canadian Film Institute $1.50)

Two Ph.D. theses published by Arno Press examine the director's work. In AMERICAN VISIONS: THE FILMS OF CHAPLIN, FORD, CAPRA AND WELLES, 1936-1941, Charles J. Maland contributes a substantial study of the filmmaker's relationship to his environment. ($27.) In EVOLUTION OF STYLE IN THE EARLY WORK OF DZIGA VERTOV, Seth R. Feldman considers Vertov's writings and his innovative directorial approach in a noteworthy analysis of post-Revolutionary Soviet cinema. ($15.)


In A TITLE GUIDE TO THE TALKIES, 1964 THROUGH 1974, Andrew A. Aros provides a master list of all films exhibited in the US during that decade. Data include director, scenarist, literary source, producer, distributor and year of general release. (Scarecrow $12.50)

Helen W. Cyr's A FILMOGRAPHY OF THE THIRD WORLD offers an exhaustive annotated list of 16mm movies, fictional and factual, depicting the history and culture of the emerging countries. (Scarecrow $11.)

The 5th edition of a useful directory compiled by James L. Limbacher, FEATURE FILMS ON 8mm AND 16mm catalogs some 16,000 movies available for non-theatrical showings. Each title lists the director, stars, date of release, producer and current distributor. (Bowker$19.95)

Members of the National Society of Film Critics, in MOVIE COMEDY, contribute their expert responses to a rich and diverse genre. Edited by Stuart Byron and Elisabeth Weis, this entertaining anthology gathers the views of such top movie critics as Vincent Canby, Pauline Kael, Andrew Sarris and Rex Reed. (Grossman/Viking $15.)

A practical, well organized and consumer-oriented multimedia guide edited by James S. Barnes, AUDIOVISUAL MARKET PLACE 1977 lists over 5000 soft/hardware producers and distributors, rental facilities, stock shot libraries, awards and festivals, publications and related goods and services. (Bowker $19.95)

Soap operas, those vicarious intimations of life, are covered in a comprehensive study by Madeleine Edmondson and David Rounds, FROM MARY NOBLE TO MARY HARTMAN. The genre's provocative strides in story line, treatment and technical proficiency are stressed. (Stein & Day $9.95)

An illustrated paperback history of soap operas, Robert LaGuardia's FROM MA PERKINS TO MARY HARTMAN surveys mainly current TV serials, but includes a backward glance at the radio era and the early TV soaps. (Ballantine$1.95)

A one-volume collection of 19 issues of the quarterly THE SILENT PICTURE gathers valuable data on the pretalkie era in articles on the progress of the art, interviews with directors and performers, filmographies and bibliographies. …

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