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Magazine article The American Conservative


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I read with great interest the review of Walter Laqueur's book in which Theodore Dalrymple discusses a subject that appears quite regularly lately: Europeans not having enough children to sustain their societies (June 18). In what appears to be a criticism, Dalrymple states: "They [Europeans] seem to care more about the ozone layer and carbon emissions than they do about the continuation of their own species. Or perhaps bringing up children interferes with what they conceive to be the real business of life: taking lengthy annual holidays in exotic locations and other such pleasures." As a woman of childbearing years and of European extraction, I must take exception with this characterization.

During the 1980s and '90s, the received wisdom here in the West bemoaned the evils of overpopulation. Just as environmental conscientiousness is being touted today as the new religion, the message being sent in decades past was that it was pure selfishness and conceit to procreate. Second-wave feminism also contributed to the decline by devaluing motherhood in an attempt to bolster women's potential in competition with men.

So it is rather ridiculous to criticize those of us who were taught that we were being considerate of the Earth by reducing our family sizes when in fact the real threat is coming from the large families of our enemies in the Muslim world. Let's call a spade a spade: in order to combat the threat of Islam, we need to have more children who will hopefully espouse the democratic values we purport to hold dear, at least for ourselves, although we allow foreigners to carve out their own repressive cultural communities in the name of multiculturalism.

I would dearly love to have more than the two children I already have, but cannot afford to do so and still maintain a rather conservative middle-class standard of living. I wonder just how many children Dalrymple has?


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James Antle's piece on antiwar Republicans facing primary challenges gives far too much weight to former staffer Eric "Dondero"'s alleged intention to oppose Ron Paul in the primary (July 2). Eric "Dondero" Rittberg is a walking joke. (Why Eric chooses to drop his real last name and use his middle name as his last is a matter of interesting conjecture.)

I know Eric personally He was an activist and has done some good grass-roots work over the years. However, he is also as phony as a bureaucrat's good intentions, a loose cannon who shoots off his mouth at inappropriate times.

His bookshelves are full of libertarian tomes that he has never, to anyone's knowledge, read, quoted, or referenced in any way. …

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