Bus Stop

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Last month the Supreme Court took a prudent step by ruling on behalf of a parents group that had challenged the school desegregation plans of Louisville and Seattle. The plans classified children by race in order to determine which schools they could attend, all in pursuit of the holy grail of racial balance. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the 5-4 majority that the Court had, in its 1954 landmark Brown v. Board ruling, decided children could not be classified by race in order to segregate them and shouldn't begin doing so again for the goal of integrating them.

This milestone ruling should bring closer to an end the increasingly baroque desegregation plans that were drawn up in the 70s. The theory behind them was that black students could only learn in proximity to whites-a notion contradicted by the experience of many excellent all-black schools in the pre-civil rights era

The reaction to the Court's decision was telling. The entrenched education bureaucracy let out a yowl amidst muttering about the return of Jim Crow. …


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