Magazine article American Cinematographer

What's New in Products, Services and Literature

Magazine article American Cinematographer

What's New in Products, Services and Literature

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New Model ACL-4 Underwater Housing for the Eclair ACL camera with 400-ft. (or 200-ft.) magazine is cast aluminum, and tested to 350-ft. depth. Weighing only 39 lbs complete, it gives an ideal 16 oz. negative buoyancy at average working depth. It uses any standard ACL camera, cables, and battery, which can be installed simply and quickly. Magazines can be changed in less than one minute.

Design provides excellent vertical clearance for tight shooting and diver safety. The f/stop system is easy to read and operate. There is a viewable filmfootage counter, and an enlarged reflex viewing system available as an option. An extensive list of accessories is available to enhance operational convenience.

The Model ACL-4 is available from stock or current production. It lists at $3995 and can be rented at the best equipment houses. Dealer inquiries invited. For further details, contact Will Williams at, IMAGE DEVICES INCORPORATED, 811 N.W. 111 Street, Miami, FL 33168. Telex 51-9348. TWX 8 1 0/848-9999. Telephone 305/751-1818.


Cine 60 Incorporated announces its new line of "Quickie" Battery Belts. Similar in size and appearance to the firm's original Battery Belt, "Quickie" Belts feature a special fast-charging system which permits them to go from a fully-discharged state to a fully-charged state in just one hour (less, if batteries are not fully discharged when charging is begun). Quickie Belts are available in the same wide range of models as the original Battery Belt, to accommodate all types of professional cameras and low-voltage sun guns. All Quickie Belts also feature an improved housing design, which makes the belt even more flexible and durable.

In the Quickie Belt, charging is facilitated by additional heavy-duty circuitry within the belt, plus a detachable charging module which permits fast charging with complete safety. The combination of a timer mechanism and an electrical thermal cutoff which monitors battery temperature, prevents harmful overcharging, automatically switching the belt into the trickle-charge mode. A quick-charge light is automatically extinguished when the belt reaches full charge.

Quickie Belts are available in ranges from 8 to 30 volts, with up to 4 ampere-hour capacity. For more information, contact Cine 60 Incorporated, 630 Ninth Avenue, New York 10036 (212) 586-8782.


Aeroprint Products announces new FilmShield FILM WRAPtm to protect unprocessed motion picture film from airport, postal, and foreign customs security x-rays.

FILM WRAPtm is a 20-1/2" wide roll containing 6 ft. of FilmShield material for wrapping around film . . . also for lining equipment cases.

Triple-laminated with LEAD foil sandwiched between a layer of tough, puncture-resistant polyester and BARIUM-impregnated polyethylene, it offers safety, strength, foldability, and re-useability.

Eastman Kodak in its most recent report to the FAA on testing 64 E.I. Speed film using the safest airport x-ray equipment (used at less than 15% of domestic airports) under ideal conditions, reports that as little as "five exposures produced a faint image." Many of these "safe" machines offer the operator higher-level, manual, and repeat-switch positions.

Although there are no Federal safety parameters today, the FDA is soon expected to release its Health Safety Standards for domestic equipment-no such guarantees can be made for film safety. …

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