Magazine article Montessori Life

29 Murphy's Laws for a Montessori Classroom

Magazine article Montessori Life

29 Murphy's Laws for a Montessori Classroom

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[Editors' note: This piece originally appeared in Volume 11, Issue 2 of The Constructive Triangle, Spring 1984.]

1. The child whose parent is in the observation room will do nothing that day-until the parent leaves.

2. A 2-year-old putting on his own shoes is more likely to put them on the wrong feet the closer it is to dismissal.

3. You run out of milk only on days when everyone wants milk.

4. If a child is going to be pushed down the slide or knocked into the mud, his mother will be sitting in the first car in line.

5. The child who sat in your lap all afternoon will have the flu the next day.

6. The only item all year that is brought in for "Show and Tell" and lost will be the one irreplaceable heirloom that has been in the family for 200 years.

7. Whatever the teacher thinks will be a delicious snack will be refused by over half the class.

8. If someone's notice is lost, it will belong to the same person whose notice you lost the last time.

9. The play yard will be muddy when everyone is present and really "full of beans."

10. No matter how careful you are with aprons for poster paint, it will somehow get on the child wearing the most expensive clothes in the class.

11. When the class is discussing who is absent that day, neither teacher will ever know who is absent until the children tell them.

12. Great ideas for practical life never are.

13. If a plant is going to shrivel up and die, it will belong to the most observant child in the room. (Healthy plants are owned by children who could care less. …

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