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Magazine article Drug Topics


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Catching up

I want to take issue with your article "Window Drive" (Drug Topics, June 16). The author states, "The concept of using a drive-up pharmacy window started a couple of years ago...."

I realize that he is referring to the recent move of chains going to drive-up or drivein windows. However, when we oper our store over zb years ago, we did so with a drive-in window. It was so popular that when we built a new building and moved our location to the medical center area of the community in October of last year, we carried the concept with us. When a local branch of a savings and loan closed, I purchased its "bullet-proof" bank-style drive-in window and incorporated it into the new building (at a much lower cost than that mentioned in the article).

It seems as if the chains are a bit late in cashing in on a concept we started over a quarter-century ago!

Bill Daniel, R.Ph., P.D. Fairfield, Texas

P.S. We also have a "night drop" slot for Rxs and payments.

Where are the pros?

The time has come for the large chain competitors to lay down arms and tight the real enemy, which is the insurance industry. They need to call a summit (everyone else does) and agree to stand firm against this common foe before it destroys pharmacy completely. And here's what you do, guys, since you can't seem to figure out how to get out of the dilemma you got yourselves into. You demand the following, and you stand firm. If they don't agree, then the customer pays cash.

1. Cost reimbursement to be at AWP + 10%. Period.

2. Add $3 for filling the prescription.

3. …

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