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The National Association of Chain Drug Stores' annual Marketplace Conference always offers attendees a variety of exciting new product introductions. Last month's meeting in San Diego was no exception to that rule. Following are some hot items (and trends) that came out of the show. Pharmacists might want to keep them in mind when stocking their shelves.

The big winner this year appears to be zinc. Following the success of Quigley's Cold-Eeze zinc lozenges, numerous companies have jumped on the bandwagon with their own zinc products. Amerifit, Bloomfield, Conn., is now offering its Zinc Plus C Lozenges in a new cherry flavor with soothing honey in an effort to make the zinc more palatable to consumers who complain about the metallic taste. Weider Nutrition Group, Salt Lake City, has added peppermint-flavored Cold-Free zinc lozenges to the line it had introduced during the cold season under the Great American Nutrition brand name.

For those consumers seeking a more traditional approach to cold relief, IVC Industries, Freehold, N.J., was happy to announce the return of Original Pine Brothers Soft Throat Drops. The soothing lozenge, now improved with zinc, vitamin C, and slippery elm herb, will soon reappear on drugstore shelves in wild cherry and honey lemon flavors.

Another hot product comes in the form of echinacea. USA Nutritionals, Farmingdale, N.Y., has combined this herb, touted for its antimicrobial and cleansing properties, with the immuneenhancing mineral zinc in its Zinchinacea lozenges. Pharmacists' Nutrition Center, a Wilsonville, Ore., company that manufactures natural vitamin and herbal products, introduced echi nashield at the show. This alcoholfree liquid herbal extract is blended with vitamins A, B^sub 6^, and C to promote well-being and help enhance the immune system.

Weight loss continues to be a concern for many Americans and a source of revenue for manufacturers and retailers alike. Applied Nutrition, Culver City, Calif., introduced its Diet System 6 supplement with much fanfare, recruiting actress Shari Belafonte as its spokeswoman. This product combines citrimax, energizing herbs, chromium picolinate, lipotropics, I-carnitine, and 82 vitamins and minerals to help increase metabolic rate, control hunger, metabolize and burn fat, and improve nutrition. Richardson Labs, Meridian, Idaho, is approaching weight loss in two ways with Chitosan-c caplets. This product combines chromium picolinate with chitosan. …

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