Magazine article Tikkun

One Day's Oil for Eight Days' Needs

Magazine article Tikkun

One Day's Oil for Eight Days' Needs

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The Chanukah Miracle in a Petroleum Generation

BEHIND THE ISSUE OF global scorching stands America's Oiloholism, as we pour carbon dioxide at a destructive rate into our planet's atmosphere.

Behind the issue of the Iraq War, and threats against Iran, stands the need to secure the great oil deposits of the Middle East, the "drug supply" for oil addiction.

And behind the oil addiction stands the drug lords of Big Oil. They have often used their power to deny the very existence of global scorching and prevent action to avert it.

American religious communities and congregations have shown they can call forth the energy and the Spirit to end addiction in our personal lives; and in some generations, they have shown they could also call forth movements to challenge top-down, unaccountable power- like that held today by Big Oil. Today, we challenge synagogues, churches and mosques to take up a campaign to move this country Beyond Oil.

Recreating the Chanukah Miracle

IN THE JEWISH COMMUNITY, Beyond Oil will focus on Chanukah- the festival celebrating the "miracle" of conserving oil, when one day's worth of sacred oil kept the Temple menorah lit for eight days.

Our goal is to emulate that miracle. We too can make the oil we use on one day last for eight by conservation and by the use of non-fossil, non-carbon-dioxide-producing, non-nuclear sources of renewable, sustainable energy. We believe we can achieve this seven-eighths reduction in U.S. oil consumption by 2020.

Meeting this ambitious seven-eighths goal will require some major changes. In the U.S. transportation system, we will need to shift to the use of cellulosic ethanol (NOT corn-based ethanol) as our primary fuel source, plug-in hybrid vehicles, and subsidies to support public transit and to protect bicycle pathways. Our daily energy allocation will require the greatly expanded use of wind power, solar power, and other renewable, non-nuclear, non-carbon-dioxide-producing sources of electricity.

How We Can Move Beyond Oil

THE SHALOM CENTER'S GOAL is that every synagogue, church and mosqueReduces its own and its congregants' use of oil and coal by conservation, and by using sustainable sources of energy.

Organizes "Oiloholics Anonymous," groups of congregants that would help each other to "kick the oil habit" in their own households.

Urges all congregants to adopt a commitment to "Kosher Kars"- using their present cars in such a way as to reduce gas use (e.g. by carpooling) and making their next car purchase a hybrid or other high-mileage car. …

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