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McDonald's will list beef flavoring in its ingredient list for French fries. Although the french fries have been cooked in vegetable oil since 1990, "natural flavors," which contain beef extract, have also been added. The disclosure came after Harish Bharti, a Seattle lawyer, filed suit against McDonald's on behalf of 16 million people nationwide, including one million Hindus who do not eat meat because of religious reasons.

After Bharti filed suit, McDonald's issued a message on its Web site regarding the flavoring, apologizing for any confusion as a result of the listing. Bharti will not drop his suit, however, calling the food chain's response a "first step."

If your son or daughter is showing signs of stuttering, a new brochure may answer critical questions about how to deal with the child's development.

If You Think Your Child Is Stuttering, written by Drs. Edward Conture and Barry Guitar, addresses the differences between normal speech difficulties and stuttering. This free brochure is available on the internet at It gives tips on how to work with children to help them through a difficult problem. Examples include giving undivided attention to your child and how to use body language to interact with your child.

San Francisco International Airport has been named the nation's healthiest by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)' The doctors involved in the survey rated a restaurant "healthy" if it offered at least one low-fat, high-fiber, cholesterol-free entree. San Francisco International scored an outstanding 96%, offering 24 healthy restaurants out of a possible 25. Detroit Metro came in last, with only nine buff of 27 restaurants considered "healthy."

"Plane changes and layovers can be frustrating enough without being limited to mystery-meat chili dogs and greasy hamburgers," says PCRM dietitian Brie Turner-McGrievy. Healthful food may be hard to find, but it is out there. "Even in the worst airports, you can usually find a bean burrito or veggie burger," McGrievy said.

Your lips may be at risk regardless of the climate in which you live. "Lips need sun protection because they contain very little melanin, which is the natural skin pigment for screening out the sun," said Dr. Charles Zugerman, associate professor of clinical dermatology at Northwestern University Medical School.

"Exposure to the sun can be just as dangerous in cool weather," Dr. Zugerman added, "and our lips need special protection from cold or blowing air to protect against wind burn." (See page 5 for article.)

Some herbal supplements may be harmful if you have certain allergies o flowers. Oregon's Wild Harvest, an herbal supplement manufacturer, is including information about contraindication along with its products. Information about the possible dangers of mixing supplements with allergies is available on Oregon's Wild Harvest Web site,

Although domestic violence is usually associated with women, men may also be targets for abuse. The Forum for Equity and Fairness in Family Issues has published a brochure, especially for abused men, that discusses these issues. The foldout, pocket-sized booklet is called Domestic Violence: It's Not a "Man Thing" Not a "Woman Thing"-It's a Human Thing. For more information, contact David R. …

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