A Continent of Art

Article excerpt

Each year my school selects a continent for school-wide study. As an art teacher, I like this idea. The history of art spans centuries and a world of diverse cultures. I also find the single-continent focus to be very helpful when choosing art history lessons. This school year, we are studying Europe.

So far, the 6-9 and the 9-12 clusters have learned about French artist Claude Monet. Students used crayon in layered strokes to represent Monet's Impressionist painting of the Japanese footbridge in his beloved garden at Giverny The 6-9 cluster studied the life of British author Beatrix Potter and her animal stories; students then learned to apply a watercolor wash to paper in order to create a blue sky to which they added their own animal drawings. The 9-12 cluster studied the animal drawings from the Lascaux Caves in France and created their own cave drawings on textured paper. And when we begin ceramics, students in the 6-9 cluster will create their own cave drawings in clay. We studied French artist Georges Seurat and marveled at how he used dots of color to create paintings. …


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