Magazine article Momentum

Take the ABC Approach to Exceptional Student Service

Magazine article Momentum

Take the ABC Approach to Exceptional Student Service

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Exceptional student service is no longer a nice little extra that educators may offer if they like.

It is an absolute essential for success and survival today, especially for private schools.

In today's educational environment, excellence in student service-from the classroom to the laboratory, from the cafeteria to the admissions office, from the classroom office to the bookstore-is absolutely essential. Schools, especially private ones, must keep students delighted with the service they provide and the academic opportunities they offer. Students have a number of educational options today. If a particular school does not satisfy their service and academic expectations, there is another one down the road, across town or online that might offer precisely what they need.

Experience indicates that excellence in student service tends to be reinforcing; likewise, so does mediocrity in student service. In other words, schools that are good at student service tend to get even better at it and those that provide poor service tend to render increasingly inferior service. The good get better and the bad get worse.

How does a school guarantee itself that it offers service of the highest level and unmatched educational opportunities? There are three requirements. First, there must be a genuine commitment from the administrators that excellence in student service is the only way of conducting the business of educating today's students for tomorrow's society. Genuine commitment is the key. All administrators must "walk the talk" not just "talk the talk." Second, there must be a "requirement" that all teachers, coaches, cafeteria workers, office staff, chaplains, administrators, counselors, advisors, librarians, custodians and others will at all times provide nothing less than the highest possible level of service to students. They, too, must "walk the talk." Third, everyone must adhere constantly to these rules of Exceptional Student Service: The ABC Approach.

Always greet each student with a smile in your voice, whether face-to-face, by telephone or in writing.

Begin each day with a personal checkup-your attitude, your outlook and your preparation for the day's activities.

Call every student by name whenever you address him or her. The personal touch pays off.

Deal with student complaints or inquiries promptly and positively. Positive responses produce positive results.

Extra effort creates loyal students and loyal students are walking, talking billboards for your school.

Find your students' needs and fill them consistently and completely.

Go the extra mile to help students. It wins their commitment and enhances their performance.

Hear what each student is saying. Listen with both ears and an open mind.

Intensify your student service attitude. Service excellence is not a slogan; it is a way of academic life. …

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