U.S. Protestant Missions in Cuba: From Independence to Castro

Article excerpt

U.S. Protestant Missions in Cuba: From Independence to Castro. By Jason M. Yaremko. Gainesville: Univ. Press of Florida, 2000. Pp. xiv, 200. $49.95.

Jason M. Yaremko, a historian with the History Department at the University of Manitoba, Canada, has made an excellent contribution to Cuban Protestant history. His diligent research makes this book an indispensable source for any serious missiological and historical analysis of Protestant mission in Cuba. He combines social, economic, ideological, cultural, and anthropological dimensions with historical analysis, offering readers an interdisciplinary approach in support of his main thesis: Protestant missions in Cuba were and are deeply intertwined with the presence and role of the United States in Cuban society during the twentieth century.

Yaremko's efforts deserve praise for two reasons. First, his careful analysis of primary sources in Cuban archives, location of unpublished material, and direct interviews with key leaders and scholars in Cuba and the United States are invaluable. He also demonstrates firsthand knowledge and access to important secondary sources. The bibliography is perhaps the first serious attempt in any language to offer a solid and selective record of books and articles on the topic. …


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