Magazine article National Defense

Exhibition Highlights New Sensors, Devices for Perimeter Security, Law Enforcement

Magazine article National Defense

Exhibition Highlights New Sensors, Devices for Perimeter Security, Law Enforcement

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A number of manufacturers of security products displayed sophisticated systems at ADPAJNSIA's Security Technology Symposium in Virginia Beach, Virginia, earlier this summer

A compact chemical agent detector by Microsensor Systems Inc., Bowing Green, Kentucky, picks up trace levels of the gases. The instrument, called CW Sentry, is fully automated and designed for fixed installation, where 24 hour-a-day monitoring is needed, says company Vice President N. Lynn Jarvis

A cargo X-ray system made by EG&G Astrophysics, Bethesda, Maryland, gives a detailed inspection of large, loaded trucks and containers without having to open them. Company officials say the system is useful for catching illegal goods, arms, ammunition, and other contraband. Potential users include customs authorities, carriers, port authorities, and cargo owners.

Lockheed Martin Command and Control Integration Systems, Manassas, Virginia, offers a portable intrusion detection system-a stand-along, battery operated set up designed to travel with the asset it is to protect It operates in an intrusion detection mode or in conjunction with closed circuit television. When a perimeter barrier is violated, a radio message is transmitted via very high frequency to designated receivers.

A perimeter security system called Intrepid by Southwest Microwave Inc., Tempe, Arizona, offers security for fenced outdoor areas. Using Micro Point cable, the system detects any fence disturbance and locates itto within 3 meters, say company officials. Precise location allows digital signal processing algorithms to detect any attempt to climb the fence while ignoring distributed noise from wind, rain, or heavy vehicles.

Metalfrisk, a hand-held metal detector, uses a digital computer circuit This technology ,says its manufacturer Control Screening LP, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, enables these units to have higher reliability and operational effectiveness. Company officials point out that with Metafrisk, law enforcement personnel can search persons without having to touch them.

Perimeter Products Inc., Mountain View, Califomia, makes a bi-static microwave sensor system for outdoor security. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver located up to 600 feet apart. Detection of intruders is achieved by using a modulated amplitude sensitive muitipath system. Intrusion is captured by an invisible pattern of microwave energy existing between the transmitter and the receiver.

A Willow Grove, Pennsylvania-based firm, INS Inc., specializes in developing covers for electronic and surveillance equipment that is meant to operate covertly. …

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