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Lost in translation: Immigrants should adapt

I just read your Nov. 2 on-line daily news article entitled "Complaint filed against pharmacies for absence of translation." Interesting article. Then I got to thinking, Where are we talking about? I soon realized it was New York, America, English-speaking country.

I can appreciate the fact that patients need to know information regarding the medications they are taking; however, I also realize that this situation was brought about because people who don't speak English choose to live in a country that does. It begs the question, "Have any of these individuals made any attempt whatsoever to learn the language of the country in which they choose to reside?"

From the article, it appears that a number of pharmacies have already gone above and beyond to help the individuals who have no interest in learning English, but that doesn't seem to be enough. They would rather go to a pharmacy that doesn't provide a specific service in their specific language and then file a complaint. That would be like your deciding to move to China and then filing a complaint because folks over there don't take care of you in the English language!

I have no problem with individuals choosing to live in our great country What I have a problem with is individuals wanting to live in our country and making no effort to adapt, yet expecting everyone else to accommodate them in their native language.

Tom Ostman

Nebraska Pharmacist

Yes to a third class of drugs

Organized pharmacy has been asking for a behind-the-counter class of drugs for more than 40 years. Pharmacists can and should be able to dispense and sell certain Rx-only drugs when appropriate for their patients. This class should include drugs that have side effects and other notable requirements that should be communicated to the patient before purchase or use. …

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