The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians

Article excerpt

The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians Edited by Justo L. Gonzdlez. Louisville, Ky.: Westminster John Knox Press, 2006. Pp. 440. $44.95.

This dictionary is a translation of the original Spanish version, Diccionario de tedlogos y tedlogas (Barcelona, 2004), written by over sixty Latino scholars around the world. The 1,500 theologians covered are chosen from the whole of Christian history from the first century to the contemporary period, from various Christian traditions (Roman Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Coptic, and Ethiopian), and from all regions of the world. There is a conscious attempt to be inclusive in choosing the entries, but understandably, greater representation of Latin America and of Catholic tradition is noticeable. The contents of the dictionary are very concise and give good explanations of key aspects of the background, theological thinking, and major works of the theologians. This dictionary will be very helpful for undergraduate students and for people in theological training.

Though the entries on the more well-known theologians are extensive and well written, most of the articles are too short for any substantial discussion of the various persons' theologies. The theologians selected from the non-Western world are well known to the West because of their audience in the West rather than their representation of theology in their own contexts. …


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