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The Beretta Vertec 9mm

Magazine article Law & Order

The Beretta Vertec 9mm

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Beretta recently introduced new versions of its 9mm Model 92 and AOS&W Model 96, called the Vertec. The Vertec has frame rails designed to accept white light or laser light attachments. Mounting a light on any weapon is far superior to trying to hold it in the support hand.

The 92/96 series comes in three configurations. The first is the double action/single action trigger with a safety/decocking lever. The second is a police only G model in which the decocking lever is spring loaded and returns to the upright position automatically, and a double action only trigger mechanism. The Vertec that I received for test and evaluation was the classic safety/decock model in 9mm.

The Vertec looks a great deal like the original 92 but has some important differences. First is an integral accessory rail, which is designed to accept most popular white light and laser sighting systems. This accessory rail is similar to the one found on the Glock in which the light slides on from the end and locks in place. To remove it, the user merely pushes down on the release bar and slides it off. This on/off action literally takes seconds to complete. Additionally, the face of the trigger guard is flat so the light mount can be as close to the grip as possible. Since many light mounts require the trigger finger of the support or shooting hand for activation, this close fit is important.

The Vertec also offers a dovetailed front sight that will make it easier to remove and replace with sights of a different configuration such as tritium night sights. While both of these are nice features, what I was most enthusiastic about was the grip configuration. I have small hands, which has made using the high capacity 9mm pistol difficult for me.

The Beretta 9mm is not a small gun, nor does it have a small grip. However, the new Vertec has an improved grip configuration that will make it much more user friendly for those with small hands. …

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