The Art & Science of CSS

Article excerpt

* * * The Art & Science of CSS by Cameron Adams, Jina Bolton, David Johnson, Steve Smith, and Jonathan Snook ISBN: 978-0-9758419-7-6 Published: 2007 Pages: 213 pp.; softcover Price: $39.95

Available from: SitePoint Pty, Ltd., 424 Smith St., Collingwood, VIC Australia 3066; +61 3 9419 5200;

It is good to periodically visit what is new in the world of web design, as we should be monitoring the status of our websites to keep them up-to-date with user expectations. This book describes some nice, standards-based techniques for taking your website to the next level.

This book is designed for those experienced with HTML and CSS. It is really a collection of neat tips and techniques for some common problems. Each of the seven chapters undertakes a different topic, covering headings, images, backgrounds, navigation, forms, rounded corners, and tables. The authors, from the United States, Canada, and Australia, are all experienced, independent web designers who have learned the tricks of the trade the hard way. …


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